Royal Enfield Essentials Chain Lube & Cleaner Kit Review

Making the chain of the motorcycle durable is a responsibility that helps in uninterrupted mechanical function and gives a long service life. The fact that the Royal Enfield Chain Lube & Cleaner Kit comes as a full kit, which gives you everything you need to get your motorcycle’s chain running smoothly can be very useful. Here we will consider the main features, advantages, disadvantages and a summing up conclusion of this article interested in the motorcycle care. So, you will be knowledgeable and well-informed to make a good decision on your own.


ManufacturerRoyal Enfield
BrandRoyal Enfield
Package Dimensions17 x 16.1 x 5.7 cm; 540 g
Item model number3600007/A
Manufacturer Part Number3600007/A
Assembly RequiredNo
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight540 g


Efficient Lubrication: The bike lube’s special formulation offers good lubrication, reducing trail resistance and making running of the bike’s chain hassle-free. This makes it durable and tougher, ultimately adding years to the chain’s service time.

Water and Salt Resistance: The longer chain lubricant is resistant to water and salt and is guaranteed to protect the bike against rust and corrosion exposure. This part affects positively to the riders who happen to encounter different weather types or the ones who ride in coastal areas.

Extreme Pressure Resistance: Extreme line lube withstands high loads and speeds while transferring out torque energy, shifting mechanism work efficiently and smoothly. This improves situated security and complete confidence of guests during the tour.

Long-lasting and Fling-resistant: With its lasting characteristics, this product’s frequency of reapplication is reduced, which saves time and effort. Both of these factors are affected by the long-lasting properties of the lube. On top of this, its devices give the bikes a shot of anti-fling action, hence minimizing tidal waves and keeping the bikes cleaner for a longer duration.

Easy Cleaning: The chain cleaner is for a simpler way of cleaning your motorbikes chain, which makes it easier and less disorganized. It brings about the chain to clean, clear and old oils. Thus, it maintains the chain’s cleanliness and efficiency at the same time.


Limited Quantity: The combination consists of one 150ml bottle of this lube only that may not be enough for riders with such frequent a maintenance demand and those with a few motorcycles. Consumers need the item in a larger number and sometimes get to buy in separate quantities.

Dependency on Brand Compatibility: While this product is engineered doubly to be used with the chains of Royal Enfield motorcycles, the practical effectiveness may change when different chain brands or models are considered. The emphasis should be on compatibility, so one steps to the application out of any doubts.


The Royal Enfield Chain Lube & Cleaner Kit is an application that eliminates the burden of cleaning and lubricating motorcycles by ensuring their convenience and effectiveness. The enabler is in the aspect of the lubrication that is efficient, resistance to the water and salt, and extreme pressure condition which in return bring about the best of practice and a lifetime reliability.

The quantity may be limited by some users but the kit is effective and it is a good option to keep it in one’s toolbox of bicycle care products. On the contrary, they would have to show care riders utilizing chainrings received from other brands should verify the similarity before using them.

Finally, if you are interested in a can of oil which will ensure your chain maintenance with Royal Enfield motorcycles, then Royal Enfield Chain Lube & Cleaner Kit is the thing you need. This premium lubricant, having top quality formulation and user friendly way to use, guarantees to hold your motorcycle chain in as good as new condition therefore, making your rides smooth and durability upgraded.

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