Steelbird SBA-20 Hunt ISI Certified Flip-Up Graphic Helmet Review

The SBA-6 Maverick flip-up helmet of Sandro Battaglia, or Steelbird, which is exclusively for riders looking for a helmet that is both functional and with a hint of Italian design. The review first examines technical specification of the vehicle, then presents the benefits and the downsides, enabling the user to come to the appropriate conclusion whether or not that model meets the needs of the user.


Shell MaterialHigh Impact Resistant Thermoplastic
Safety CertificationISI Certified
VisorSmoke Visor, Quick Release Mechanism
Ventilation5 Vents
PaddingBreathable with Neck Protector and Extra Comfort
InteriorItalian Design, Hygienic, Multi-pore for Ventilation, Detachable and Washable
BuckleQuick Release Micro Metric Buckle
Chin GuardFlip-Up Mechanism with One Button Release
ColorMatt Black Sea Green with Black Spoilerpen_spark


Flip-Up Convenience: A flip-up one-touch system can be used to make the helmet without removing it friendly for drinking, conversation, or taking the helmet off completely.

Enhanced Ventilation: Five vents that are placed in the helmet at critical points supply air to the top of your head to maintain comfort and cooler temperatures when you go riding.

Breathable Padding and Comfort: The soft cushion with an inserted neck protector is for full protection which could be very important during long travels. The Italian tradition will bring a fashionable touch to the restaurant.

Hygienic Interior: The detachable and washable inner multi-pore screens regulate air flow and provide you the convenience to keep clean the lining of the helmet.

Quick Release Features: Both the mechanism at the visor and the chin guard are designed to work quickly and to detach even while wearing gloves with distracted hands.

ISI Certified Safety: The helmet’s quality has been tested, and proved stand ISI standards established by ISI.


Weight Not Specified: The weight data is not at hand but, however, flip-up helmets are a wee heavier than full-face helmets due to this extra mechanism.

Limited Size Information: The advertising has only mentioned extra large size. A rider would end up buying a helmet with a specific shape and possibly a smaller or larger size retailer’s range would need to broaden the size range to allow these guys to grab it.


Considering the Steelbird SBA-6 Maverick, this universal fit flip-up helmet stands tall, and deserves the riders’ attention for its rich features of comfort, ventilation, and simple usage. The flip-up mechanism, by its construction, a breathable padding and multiple vents offer more comfort than usual. The body of the suit fabric do have safety certifications from the ISI, the interior can also be detached and washed for easier maintenance. Nevertheless, weight information absence and possibly the size selection not complete may well be important issues to pose.

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