Studds Marshall D1 Open Face Helmet Review

The Studds Marshall D1 emerges as a contender for cyclists seeking a protective and comfortable helmet with various features. This review dives into the specifications of the Marshall D1, explores its potential advantages and disadvantages, and helps you determine if it aligns with your cycling helmet needs.


MaterialThermoplastic (outer shell) and Expanded Polystyrene (inner liner)
WeightApproximately 1.1 kilograms (1kg 100g)
Special FeaturesUV-resistant Paint, High-Impact Outer Shell, Ventilation System
SizeXS (Other sizes might be available depending on retailer)
ColorWhite and Blue (Other colors might be available depending on retailer)


Protective Design: The hard outer thermoplastic shell has been designed to impact-absorb even when falling off the horse rider this maybe potential impact minimizer in head injury case.

UV-Resistant Paint: UV-Resistant paint increase the lifespan of helmet by preventing scratches, fading, and maintaining the appearance of helmet for a long time.

Ventilation System: In addition to ventilation, exhaust system can promote airflow evaporation sweat beads off very quickly especially when riding outside in sunny weather.

Comfortable Fit (Potential): According to the round shape and buckle closure the fit is snug, practical, and having my head shape in mind.


Weight Consideration: At 1. It weighs a bit, however, if compared with some bicycle helmets it might be over-weight causing neck strain on longer rides.

Limited Size Information: He further mentioned that the description XS is also well fitted. The verification of dealer data is also important to ascertain if there are alternative sizes or cuts that will give the rider a perfect fit which is an added security.

Unknown Details on Inner Liner: The description fails to provide details on the removal feature and breathability aspects of the inner panel which can have a big impact on hygiene and comfort.


The Studds Marshall D1, a model which puts ennoblement and comfort in the first place for the cyclist, is empowered by a host of advanced features designed for safety. Air-conditioning system, paints and a hard-shell innovative design all contribute to shelter and comfort. However, the shoes are heavy and optional removable collapsible interior liner and size available on the provided sizes must be considered.

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