Yamaha Yamalube Chain Lubricant Review

The Yamaha Yamalube Chain Lubricant is a tool in aerosol which is specially made to support the operations of motorcycle chains. It is a useful solution to both improve the motorcycle chain performance and its durability. Wielded by Yamaha that is a sign for success in the world of motorcycles, Expecting anti-corrosive and extreme pressure resistance properties, this is lubricant will make function with a good. The reviewer is going to scrutinize the bike’s specifications to determine its priorities. He will also mention the pros and cons of this bike to describe its good and bad qualities. By the end of this review, the reader will decide whether it is a motorcycle that suits him.


Liquid Volume120 Millilitres
Item Weight130 Grams
Recommended UsesBikes
Specific UsesSmooths engine
Item FormAerosol
ManufacturerGLOSIL INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED, Yamaha Motor India Pvt. Ltd.
Product Dimensions25.3 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm; 130 g
Item model number90793AD82200
Manufacturer Part No.90793AD82200
Volume0.12 Litres
Country of OriginIndia


Effortless Application: Aerosol can, and therefore easy to use, is the package of the product, as well as the perfect solution for absent-minded rider’s forgetfulness. Put the can on its side, now pump, and run the lubricant up and down the chain to have sufficient coverage.

Enhanced Chain Protection: The latest chain lube of this brand is engineered to have a high level of anti-corrosion and extreme pressure resistance capability. The products will safeguard the local motorcycle chain from being rusted, corroded, and worn. It protects the continuity of the shoe chain verifying that everything works well undamaged and lasts for a long time.

Compatibility: The Yamalube Chain Lubricant is a universal motorcycle lubricant compatible with all Motocross, ATV, Snowmobile, or Dirtbike models ensuring it can be used on different makes and models on the market. Regardless of whether you ride a Yamaha or another bike, you can guarantee maximum output using this oil. In this sentence, “who” has been changed to “whose” to make the subject-version sentence correct.

Smooth Engine Operation: Through achieving less friction and correct oil lubrication among chain, the one leads to a higher efficiency of the engine. It helps decrease the power loss from friction, which therefore, contributes to regenerate the overall performance and efficiency.


Limited Volume: By holding only 120 ml of this chain lube there will be a need to replenish it often, particularly for those riders who have a great mileage with every ride and ride frequently. User will require buying more cans to use here for a longer period.


The Yamaha Yamalube Chain Lubricant is remarkable for its quality being the number one solution for the solve of motorcycle chain problems. Additionally to the fact that it doesn´t corrode, is the highly resilient anti-corrosive effect and extreme pressure that can be applied, this chain is an important asset for motorcyclists who wish to extend the live time of their chain and improve their performance grade.

Through its limited capacity which calls for a constant replenishment, this cleaners wriggle their way through the chain in order to polish and lever them effectively. It also fits well different motorcycle models hence eliminating the need to retrofit the existing fitting. In general, Yamaha exerts their tried and true quality product that totters upon the consumers’ expectation and requirements, thus interpreting the as more joyful and relaxed ride.

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