Steelbird SBH-40 Cyber ISI Certified Full Face Graphic Helmet Review

Based on the information provided, it appears you’re considering a Steelbird motorcycle helmet in glossy black and orange. However, the exact model name isn’t mentioned. Steelbird offers a wide range of helmets, so let’s explore the features commonly found in their helmets and what to consider when making your choice.


Shell MaterialABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Safety CertificationISI Certified
VisorInformation not available
PaddingBreathable with Neck Protector
ClosureMicro Metric Buckle
VentilationInformation not specified
Weight1380 Grams (approx.)
ColorGlossy Black Orangepen_spark


ISI Certified Safety: The Nitrox, in its turn, complies with ISI standards as opposed to the Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) for impact resistance and shell integrity to prevent at least the minimum level of danger.

Lightweight Design: The weight of the helmet is measured to be around 1. 38kgs, so it not only reduces side strain but also makes lengthy rides more comfortable for riders. Breathable Padding and Neck

Protector: A cushioning has been perfected that allows air flow is built with a neck protector for extra support.

Micro Metric Buckle: The micrometric buckle provides a reliable and effortless adjustable system so one doesn’t need to go through the cumbersome task of strapping the harnesses.

Glossy Finish: It the matte black and neon orange shines innovatively to the clincher of the helmet’s external design.


Limited Information on Visor: Specification on the visor like the material or anti-scratch and UV protection are not specified. The lack of eye protection indication prevents us from recognizing the safety grade of such equipment.

Basic Features: The Nitrox model trade off functionality to include advanced features such as internal sun visors, increased number of ventilation ports and wider visor field of view.

Potentially Lower Ventilation: Having a specific airflow channel detail, the Nitrox might not be suitable for the high-temperature release of even a single room.

Limited Size Information: The board announcing the tour reveals that the artist is expected to embark on a long tour. The riders having their own specific head shapes or needing different sizes from narrow to wide will have to look for the greater size range in the retailers because the regular options can only satisfy a few numbers of people.


Steelbird Nitrox helmet, an option for riders on a budget having a ISI certification, results as a basic everyday ride protection. The unique design lets you lessen weight and give way to micro metric buckle operations with rotating neck protector; hence, you will ride comfortably. While it helped me stay safe and reduced any possible ask, the unavailable information on the earphone set and weak ventilation were the aspects I paid more attention to.

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