Steelbird SBA-2 7Wings ISI Certified Full Face Helmet Reveiw

The Steelbird Matt Black Helmet with it’s Chrome Gold Visor is safe, is a fashionable aesthetic accessory for riders who wants a dual feel on the road, that is to be stylish as well as safe. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the helmet maintains a chrome gold visor, a top-up sticker, and the trendiest helmet on the riding scene. Together we will read in detail the specifications, the functionality, the good and the bad and the total value of the product without telling the final price.


ColourMatt Black with Chrome Gold Visor
Vehicle Service TypeStreet Bike
Certificate TypeISI
Finish TypeChrome
Shell TypeEPS / ABS Material
Specification MetISI Certified
ShapeRound Oval
Closure TypeBuckle
Included Components1 Helmet
Material TypePolycarbonate (PC)
Outer MaterialPolycarbonate
SizeLarge 600 MM
Manufacturer3 Generations
Country of OriginIndia


Unique Design: The matte black frame and the chrome gold visor together produce a unique and striking style. This vivid visual effect helps you get noticed on the high ways.

Safety Certified: The ISI indicator certifies a certified durable shell made from stable EPS / ABS material. Thus, the standards of safety are met and the helmet is considered as the essential protection for biking.

Comfortable Fit: With the oval round shape and the adjustable buckle, it can be easily adjusted and provide a comfortable tight fit to users with different head sizes.

Durable Construction: Sports helmets are not an exception. They are made of thermo-foamed polystyrene and painted foil in order to be reliable and resist impacts. These helmets, therefore, are long-lasting as well.


Limited Size Options: This small-sized helmet would probably work for some riders (600 mm) but it will not accommodate players with smaller or larger head sizes, which limits the practical usage by a variety of riders.


The Steelmatt Matt Black Helmet with Chrome Gold Visor combines security, design, and performance which makes it a good choice for riders who mainly ride through the streets. With its distinct design, coupled to high quality build and ISI certification, this helmet pleases both with the feeling of safety and fashion on the road. Whilst its sizes could be reduced, its well-fitting design with an attract attention and therefore recognized helps to categorize this as an investment item to make a point and stay safe. As such, it offers good value for money to those deal hunters who require good boots in style and function.

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