GoMechanic Scooter Engine Oil 800 ml Review

Product Review: GoMechanic FASTX 4T 10W-30 Scooter Engine Oil

The GoMechanic FASTX 4T 10W-30 Scooter Engine Oil is engineered to deliver exceptional on-road performance, reliable lubrication, and superior protection for scooter engines. Manufactured by GoMechanic, a trusted name in automotive products, this engine oil is designed to meet the needs of modern scooters, providing optimal viscosity-coefficient and advanced anti-sludge properties.


ModelRacemax Scooter 4T 10W30 Scooter Engine Oil
Product Dimensions16 x 10 x 5 cm
Item model numberRacemax 4T 10W30 Scooter Engine Oil
Manufacturer Part NumberSEPLOL005
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight720 g


Optimal On-road Performance: The optimum viscosity-coefficient of the lubricating oil aids superb performance and maximum power edition even when exposed to the utmost stresses. It produces faster acceleration with no loss in horsepower and a more efficient wet-clutch performance that makes the ride lighter, smoother and better.

Anti-sludge Properties: The engine oil, packed with the original ingredients with the additives of anti-sludge and anti-corrosion, offers absolute protection against sludge, dirt, rust, and wear and tear. It serves to keep your engine clean, and hence, it further ensures that it lasts for longer.

Effective Lubrication: With the micro molecules in the engine oil produced, it can be said that the internal parts are protected by oil 24 hours a day, and operation becomes more smoothly. Therefore, minimal energy loss and wear and tear rate which result in optimum performance and life extension are realized.

High Oxidation and Thermal Stability: The engine oil is made up of high oxidation and thermal stability components so it provides an excellent performance level even in extreme temperatures and pressure. This lets the motor function in an uniformly manner as well as protecting the engine itself.

Quality Certified and Compatible: Oil FASTX 4T 10W-30 Scooter Engine Oil is compliant with the most recent emission standards and cover multiple API as well as JASO certifications. It can be used with all modern 4- stroke engines, that way providing quietness and reliability.


Limited Availability: As the handcrafted engine oil may be unavailable in some regions, you may be forced to go extra miles to source for the oil in such regions.


The GoMechanic FASTX 4T 30W-10 Scooter Engine Oil is a high level-quality technological characteristic created to satisfy the challenging needs of the modern scooters. Riding on its merit of being a perfect match against the dirt roads, this oil is a proven material to provide an all-rounded protection for the scooter engine while it provides enough oil for proper lubrication and is not broken down so easily even at the high temperatures. Whilst some areas do not have it in stock, its compatibleness with major 4 stroke engines and conformity to quality certifications helps it to stay as a reliable product for scooter owners. In totality, this engine oil has given a quality ride to go with the engine longevity making it definitely a good buy for all the scooty people.

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