Royal Enfield Open Face MLG Helmet Review

The Royal Enfield Hunter helmet presents itself as a contender for riders seeking a balance between safety, comfort, and classic style that complements Royal Enfield motorcycles. This review dives into the Hunter’s specifications, explores its advantages and disadvantages, and helps you determine if it’s the perfect helmet for your riding adventures.


Shell MaterialPlastic (Note: Material type not further specified)
Safety CertificationISI (IS: 4151) Certified
VisorHigh-Strength Optical Polycarbonate, Hard Coated
PaddingComfort Liner with Knit, Mesh, and Polyester Combination
ClosureMicrometric Lock
WeightApproximately 1050 Grams
SizesXS (53-54 cm) to XL (61-62 cm)


ISI Certified Safety: The Hunter follows ISI criteria parts of those established by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) with respect to impact resistance and shell integrity and is assured of least security level there-

Lightweight Design: At approximately 1050 grams weight, it is specifically engineered for comfort while ensuring that strain is left only on our arms as we spin. Thus, it is the perfect choice for enduro style riding where descents are deeper, and trails are more rough.

Impact Absorption: The durable and impactful EPS liner in a high density is specially made to keep the rider safe in case of an accident.

Scratch-Resistant Visor: This visor is designed from superior optical Tolbert ‘s Polycarbonate with Hard coat providing more resistance to scratches, protecting eyes from debris.

Comfort Features: To convey that, the outfit is developed using microfiber knit, mesh, and polyester liner which are considered to be cozy, while the utility micrometric closure system is meant to be primarily secure and easy to adjust.

UV Protection: Metallic finish painting of the helmet is further reinforced by the visor and its UV treatment to provide better durability and resilience against fading.

Visor Removal and Cleaning: The simple use of an undoable screw makes opportunity for visor changes and a washable with anti-microbial chemical impregnated comfort liner gear allows for cleaning and preserving hygiene.

Classic Styling: The burnt orange will be an additional coloration which will become more aesthetically appealing to the customers and will add a touch of brand synergy, as well.

Multiple Sizes: A good head protection should be accessible to as many people as possible. A range of sizes from XS to XL is great as it helps accommodate all different head shapes and sizes.


Plastic Shell Material: Although the helmet type of plastic is excluded in the sentence, some riders might prefer that that ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) which provides impact resistance.

Limited Ventilation Information: Detailing of faculties involved in the development of channels for ventilation are not mentioned. Try to look into user reviews or to communicate with specific retailers to measure the airflow proficiency.


When skbolded with all its features like safety, comfort, and style, the Royal Enfield Hunter joins the list of preferred helmets for a daily commute or touring. The ISI certification, and the abrasion resistant EPS liner, come first. This is where the rest of the certification and safety features are located. The main safety feature is the scratch-resistant visor. The fabric that is light, smooth padding, and the dials that are super fine are all features that give you the feel you deserve while you are in the saddle. UV protection, mud-releasing liner, and basic virgin red color are some other features that contribute to the appeal. Nevertheless, thing plastic shell material and poor ventilation assistance these to be considerations to weigh.

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