ABRO OT-511-B-T 4 Stroke Bike Motorcycle Petrol Oil Review

Our ABRO motorcycle engine oil treatment is a pretty small but very efficient product, which can improve engine performance and increase its lifespan. In the following article, we will scrutinize its characteristics, its pluses, and minuses and come to a conclusion whether it does its work satisfactorily.


Vehicle Service TypeMotorcycle
Liquid Volume50 Millilitres
Package InformationBottle
ManufacturerABRO Industries, Inc.
Product Dimensions10 x 7 x 5 cm; 50 g
Item model numberOT-511-B
Manufacturer Part NumberOT-511-B
Volume443 Millilitres
Outer MaterialOther
Stain Resistant?No
Assembly RequiredNo
Voltage12 Volts
Item Weight50 g


Extra Protection: The ABRO Oil Treatment however provides motorcycle engines with some extra protection as it is created to lessen friction and wear thus prolonging the liquid and increasing the performance of the said engine.

Noise Reduction: Its condensed formula has an amazing effect of muting the loudness of the valves and lifters of the motor thereby being able to deliver a comfier and smoother ride which is enjoyable to the motorist.

Universal Compatibility: The oil treatment which is tailored to combine with the whole spectrum of oils, whether they are the synthetically imitated or the natural oil variants, is developed for all the possible engine types, the models and makes.


Limited Volume: 50ml of volume up for liquidation is scarce. Soon after several applications or motorcycles with larger engine capacities, the need for repurchasing the liquid arises.

No Stain Resistance: This treatment just provides a barrier layer, and no other qualities like resisting stains are given during application. Therefore, there is a chance of spilling or leaking stains directly on the uniform surface that require you to clean and maintain.


Shedding light on this, it is evident that the ABRO Motorcycle Engine Oil Treatment is a miraculous remedy to motorbike engines for enhancing their power and durability for riders of motorbikes. This material, which adds a layer of protection to the tire during braking and subsequent wear, is also able to reduce the level of noise. Consequently, the experience of the rider is greatly boosted by the use of this material. Its universal accessibility, though it is a great point for VCDS, you cannot deny the low capacity and the stain-resistance deficiency which are inevitable among the disadvantages. In total, in case a motorcycle gear-head is looking to maintain the engine and reduce the wear, the ABRO Oil Treatment is a big difference-maker for their collection of maintenance components.

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