Yamaha Motorcycle Coolant Review

Yamaha, a well-known name in the motorcycle world, releases its own brand of coolant that is designed to improve engine performance and protect against overheating In this in-depth review, we will explore the Yamaha Motorcycle Coolant in terms of explanation, advantages, disadvantages and overall appropriateness.


Vehicle Service TypeAll Motorcycles
Liquid Volume1 Litre
Package InformationBottle
MaterialGlycol base and demineralized water
Product Dimensions12 x 6.5 x 21.5 cm
ManufacturerAtlantic Lubricants & Specialities Pvt Ltd
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight1.14 kg


Ready-to-use mixture: The coolant is in a ready-to-use mixture, consisting of a glycol base and demineralized water. This eliminates the need for dilution, ensuring trouble-free and efficient use.

Better heat transfer: A well-designed high-temperature coolant cools the engine properly, which is critical to maintaining optimal operating temperatures, in particular during long rides or hot weather.

Freeze Protection: The refrigerator offers freeze protection and retains moisture even at low temperatures. This feature prevents the coolant from hardening in cold conditions, allowing uninterrupted engine operation.

Corrosion and oxidation protection: A coolant treated with special corrosion inhibitors protects the metal components in the engine from corrosion and oxidation, thus prolonging the life of critical engine components

Manufacturer Recommendation : Specially recommended for Yamaha motorcycles, this coolant is designed to support engine systems and improve overall performance


Not less: Even if they are designed for Yamaha motorcycles, the cooling system cannot be guaranteed to be compatible with other motorcycle models. Riders of non-Yamaha motorcycles may need to check compatibility before use.

Large Packaging: The refrigerator may have a 1 liter packaging capacity, which may not be enough for those who need more or frequent refills, and may need to buy it daily


Yamaha motorcycle coolant provide a reliable solution for optimal engine performance and smooth combustion process. Its ready-to-use design, excellent warmth and freeze protection make it useful for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Although the coolant is designed for Yamaha motorcycles, riders with other motorcycle models should confirm compatibility before use. In addition, the 1-liter packaging is small for those who need larger items for maximum cleanup.

Overall, for Yamaha motorcycle owners who want a refrigerator that offers performance, safety and ease of use, a Yamaha motorcycle Coolant stands out as an admirable choice, ensuring that their beloved machinery stays put understood for a long time and has worked.

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