Roger Engitech Nano Ceramic Coating – High Performance Ceramic Engine Oil Additive With Friction Reduction Technology Review

The Roger Engitech Engine Oil Ceramic Coating positions itself as a revolutionary engine treatment utilizing “Advanced Nano Ceramic Technology” for various benefits. This review dives into the claims, explores potential advantages and disadvantages, and helps you decide if it aligns with your vehicle’s maintenance needs.


ManufacturerRoger Motors Pvt Ltd
Vehicle Service TypeAll Petrol, Diesel & CNG Cars, Generators, Trucks, Boats, Excavators
Liquid Volume8 Milliliters
Package InformationInjectionpen_spark


This could be the revolutionary invention that leads to the reduction of friction, wear and the engine heat. If it turns out to be true, Roger Engitech could offer a great range of benefits.

As it offers the possibility of the engine running smoother, better fuel utilization, and sustained engine life, many of these features are downright tempting.


Lack of Independent Verification: No auditing companies or independent authorities are verifying the massive performance boosts from users’ standpoint leading to doubts over their validity.

Uncertain Compatibility: This is elements says that its crucially suits to every engine type, which may be untrue. For exhaust additive to be compatible for the car, please refer to the vehicle’s manual.

Potential Warranty Issues: Drivings are not supposed to apply utilities without the manufacturer’s authorization not only so as to avoid breach of warranty. It is also advisable to check the manufacturer’s manual or the dealership first to confirm if they are suitable.

Nano Technology Concerns: Scientific knowledge about nano lubricants is still in development and the long term effects resulting from running such technologies on an engine are not yet fully comprehended.

Limited Information on Dosage and Repeat Use: The description provides no information about the amount of the spray or on the recommended frequency of applications.


The Roger Engitech Engine Oil Ceramic Coating may hold a few advantages in addition to being unverified by any third-partiesa, possessing potential risks, and requiring some vehicles to stay modified might need to take a cautious approach. For the greater part, maintenance that is ordinarily done using the brand new engine oil is safer and more dependable, and hence, the best approach for most car owners. If it is still you would desire to experiment with the additive, the routes of compatibility research and approaching a mechanician are for you to take. Carefully monitor the performance of your car accordingly once you have used it.

Now you know, it informs, after you read your car’s owner’s manual and get a competent mechanic, you can be sure you’ll make reasonable decisions about your car’s maintenance and performance.

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