GLL Industries ISI-Certified Motorcycle Helmet Review

The GLL Industries Motorcycle Helmet comes with their ISI approved design which is integrated with a sturdy construction that offers riders the essential head protection. However, this helmet has been crafted by GLL Industries, a company located in India, to meet the requirements of both motorcycle lovers and everyday commuters. This review provides a detailed description of its particularations, positive aspects and negative one as well as justifies its overall load of it.


Certificate TypeISI
Shell TypeHard
Specification MetISI
Closure TypeMicro Metric Style
Included ComponentsHelmet
Material TypeHigh Impact Resistant Thermoplastic shell
ManufacturerGLL Industries
Country of OriginIndia


ISI Certification: The helmet is ISI-certifi, which means that it regulatory compliance on the Motorcycle helmet design found in the country of India. This certificate allows a user believe in the performance of protection from these threats.

Sturdy Construction: Spending hours on the roads can be risky, hence a helmet made of high-impact-resistant thermoplastic and having a tough shell, this headgear offers durability and reliable protection against impacts, keeping a rider safe from any danger.

Oval Shape: This helmet that has an oval shape is different from the other designs where the emphasis is on being comfortable no matter the amount of pressure present from one’s head to another.

Micro Metric Closure: The micro metric closure system promises convenience and is effortless for the rider to wear and remove the helmet with high precision. In addition, the micro-metric system enriches the comfort and safety since the rider does not struggle while fastening and removing it.


Limited Features: However, the head protection provided by the helmet might be given more prominence, but it may lack motorcycle helmet color a couple of technologically advanced features found in the top tier helmets like ventilation systems or built-in visors.


Wearing the GLL Industries ISI-Approved Motorcycle Helmet offers a good combination of basic head protectiveness and safety which is hard to beat. This accreditation and its robust structure make it suitable to be employed by bikers in accordance with the regulation on road safety.

Maybe the helmet does not provide all the fancy features you may find in high-end models like the ventilation system or the built-in visors but hey, its protection is still the best. Therefore, it is not only ideal for the budget-conscious but for those who rank safety above all else.

On the whole, I would say the GLL Industries Motorcycle Helmet represents decent value for riders desiring a basic and trustworthy alternative.

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