Yamaha Yamalube Optima Prime Oil Review

The engine oil will be the last instance of saving the life of your motorcycle. It is not alone but the motor remains healthy and the performance will be great. Taken Yamaha, a well-known brand of the motorcycle furniture manufacturer, introduces its 10W40 Optima Prime motorcycle engine oil to satisfy the challenging requirements of road riders. Here in this thorough review we will extensively look at the specifications, pros, cons and in the end, benchmark our view of the product against the impact it has on the current market.


Vehicle Service TypeMotorcycle
Liquid Volume1 Litre
Package InformationBottle
ManufacturerAtlantic Lubricants & Specialities Pvt Ltd, Yamaha Motor India Pvt Ltd
Product Dimensions21 x 7 x 12 cm; 900 g
Model Number90793AD41000
Manufacturer Part Number90793AD41000
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight900 g


Longer Engine Life: Yamaha Optima Prime is designed with premium oil to provide your motorcycle engine with the ultimate protection with lasting persistence.

Maximum Gear Protection: The vehicle’s oil’s latest formulation gives away proven gear protection, therefore, reducing the risk of wearing and tearing on some of the crucial engine parts.

Fuel Economy Optimization: This oil being higher in API and new formulation will help in lowering fuel usage, keeping you pocketworthy with fuel even in those long rides.

Enhanced Engine Protection: The formulation of sludge, deposit, oxidation inhibitors, and detergents; wear agents ensures complete sludge, deposit, oxidation inhibitors and detergants protection.

Shear Stable Viscosity: The oil does not change thickness even under the extreme conditions and it will always be viscous providing the performance for your engine protection.


Limited Liquid Volume: One liter of this product is available in a bottle; This could be too little for those who have several motorcycles that are serviced regularly or for motorcycles enthusiasts that require regular service.


To sum up, Yamaha Optima Prime 10W40 motorcycle engine oil can be described as an oil of excellent quality and the choice of motorcycle riding aficionados. The stellar formulation, in addition to the assurance of running the motor sufficient to operate your machine perfectly and longer, makes it a strong possibility for riders who look to maintain optimum performance and prolong the life of their engines. In spite of the present limited liquid volume, this alternative works due to oil’s better fuel economy and highly efficient performance as compared to the engines of the old vehicles. Bike owners who yearn for peace of mind with matchless engine superiority will be assured that the Company’s premium engine oil, Yamaha Optima Prime, is certainly a good investment.

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