GoMechanic CORECOOL Green Coolant Review

GoMechanic CORECOOL™ smart green EDI coolant is an efficient and top quality fluid that maintains the temperature and heat regulation for all the passengers cars. Review of this vehicle will be discussed in details following the design and specifications, benefits and drawbacks and finally how suitable is for the upcoming market requirements.


Vehicle Service TypeCar
Liquid Volume1 Litre
Package InformationJug
Product Dimensions18.7 x 12.1 x 7.1 cm; 1.13 kg
Item Model NumberGMUNZZCL001
Manufacturer Part No.GMUNZZCL001
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight1 kg 130 g


Green Coolant: The coolant has been formulated with the most updated green coolant technology, which serves to transfer the heat effectively as well as to provide protection against corrosion. Hence, the functionality of the machine is ensured.

Concentrated Formula: It being a concentrated coolant, gives you the cooling efficiency that is above pre-diluted ones, so that you can get that concentrate level you desire.

Versatile Compatibility: A product that all kind of passenger cars can use, GoMechanic CORECOOL Green Coolant provides you variety of different suitability levels and thus it is a perfect choice for different customers.

Manufacturer Trust: Outsourced by GoMechanic, the brand with a great reputation for its automobile’s high-quality products and services, the users can trust the stability and quality of the coolant.


Limited Information: There is no kind of a detailed information involved in product description some of the users may yearn for more intensive details regarding the performance metrics of the coolant, the corrosion protection duration and the compatibility of such coolant with different engine types.


The Green Coolant developed by GoMechanic CORECOOL is found the best approach for car owners in search of efficient engine cooling and heat control. Having a coolant system designed for green technology and concentrate mix, it gives the system a more efficient option for heat dissipation and corrosion resistance that ensures the vehicle’s long-term durability.

Although great diversity of vectors are in possession of our product that are fitted to all passenger car brands, it is better to conduct in-depth research or seek professional consultation on that case. The consumer may not be told much as regards reliability and the efficacy of the coolant by the manufacturer but its reputation for style, innovativeness and quality attracts customers.

On the whole, the CORECOOL Green coolant of GoMechanic can be named as a faster and trustworthy product and those owning a car who would like to keep the cooling system of their car cool and instantly available their smooth and proper system operation can buy it.

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