Castrol RADICOOL ESSENTIAL Coolant Review

Castrol RADICOOL ESSENTIAL Coolant is a high-performance coolant product, equipped with the dual role of cooling and anti-corrosion properties for most vehicles. In this comprehensive review, we will consider the special features of the radiator, its advantages and disadvantages and a general conclusion of its suitability for the cooling systems of engines.


Product Dimensions9.8 x 6.6 x 23.8 cm; 65 g
Item model number3425820
Manufacturer Part No.3425820
Assembly RequiredNo
Special FeaturesExcellent cooling and corrosion protection
ManufacturerCastrol India Limited
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight65 g


Excellent Cooling Performance: The Castrol RADICOOL ESSENTIAL coolant is designed to deliver better cooling capabilities as they can effectively carry the heat from the engine back and keep the proper water temperature in the system.

Corrosion Protection: It grants the proper corrosion protection, preventing undesired damage, resulting from the rust and corrosion of the engine component that in turn help in extending the lifespan of the cooling system.

Resistance to Scaling and Deposits: Coolants for this coolant are not prone to scaling and deposits hence take keeps the system in good condition, apart from the buildup of harmful deposits.

Conforms to Specifications: It possesses a coolant additive treat composed of a substance marker as per BS 6580:2010 standard for protection against corrosion and thus ensuring good functioning and compatibility with industry standards.


Limited Availability: Therefore, depending on the locality, availability may be restricted, and the customers will have to wait for the suppliers with the right documentation or buy the product online.


The Cador team has come up with the Castrol RADICOOL ESSENTIAL coolant which is a product designed to prevent corrosion, maintain optimal temperature in the cooling process and engine, protect the engine, and avoid other types of damage. Being a premium cooling liquid that has top of the line cooling capacities and corrosion resistant properties, it makes sure that the vehicle’s cooling system is in good shape for long-term and consistent performance.

However, it may not be available in some regions because it abides by industry specifications and standards, and has already tested to give great results, hence, it is a recommended product for any owner who wants to keep his/her car’s engine health and working condition at spec.

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