Steelbird SBH-11 Helmet Review

It is the Steelbird Dashing Black Street Bike Helmet, a helmet built for even the toughest of roads, that with its focus on superior protection, comfort, and style will ensure riders never feel unsafe while riding again. The bike is designed to be impenetrable by a variety of weather conditions and imparts sleek design, adherence to safety standards and will suit the needs of motorcycle lovers. The comparison and verdict of the performance of this camera will be our theme of this article in which we review this camera’s specifics and pros and the cons as well.


ColourDashing Black with Smoke Visor
Vehicle Service TypeStreet Bike
Item Weight1025 Kilograms
MaterialHigh Impact Resistant Thermoplastic Shell
Certificate TypeISI
Shell TypeEPS / ABS Material
Specification MetISI Certified
ShapeRound Oval
Closure TypeBuckle
Age RangeAdult
Included Components1 Helmet
Material TypeHigh Impact Resistant Thermoplastic Shell
Outer MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
ManufacturerGLL Industries
Country of OriginIndia


Superior Protection: A thermoplastic high impact resistant shell construction of the helmet ensures that it is solid and safe; the shell protects both against impacts and abrasions. Thus, the rider’s safety is guaranteed.

Sleek Design: This Jury red helmet with the glossy silver visor gives the helmet a fresh and modern stylish look, thus making the rider even more presentable while on the road.

Comfortable Fit: This helmet is created so as to satisfy adult riders’ needs. It has a rounded oval shape and a buckle with the possibility to adjust for a perfect fit. The snug and secure fit will provide riders with comfort for long rides.

ISI Certification: ISI certificate will ensure that a helmet is manufactured in accordance with the default safety standards, and therefore it is fully reliable in use in different riding circumstances.

Versatile Use: This helmet is suitable for street bikes; it is versatile enough that the commuters and the riders amuse themselves on recreational rides with it, well, meeting the needs of many riders.


Heavy Weight: At 1kg, this helmet may subject you to a bit of pain because of the weight possibly experienced during a long wear.


The dashing Steelbird black street bike helmet by steel bird not only look good but also make it safe and comfortable riding for the rider. With all these characteristics as strength, style, and ISI certifying it as performing well on the streets, it indeed is a reliable body protection. While its bothering some riders with its weight, its overall performance and quality makes it worth buy for anyone who would love to have a stylish and protective bike helmet for the streets as he explores the adventure and thrill of riding bikes on the streets.

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