Dream Moto High Impact Polystyrene Wall Mount Helmet Review

The DreamMoto Black Wall Mount Helmet Holder provides a practical and fashionable alternative for putting helmet ar sen your own home or apartment. The material chosen for this wallholder which is made from Hi Impact Polystyrene ensures that it isn’t only durable but also corrosion-free, compact in size and financial friendly. Now we go to its products, some of its features, its advantages, disadvantages, and its overall value irrespective of the cost.


MaterialHigh Impact Polystyrene
Mounting TypeWall Mount
Special FeatureDurable
Item Weight454 g
Included ComponentsWall Mount Helmet Holder
Number of Hooks1
Material TypeHigh Impact Polystyrene
ManufacturerDream Plastics
Country of OriginIndia


Durable Construction: Made of the high impact polystyrene, this holder will probably be very durable as it will not only maintain the shape but can also ensure that the helmet is safely secured for as long as required.

Space-Saving Design: Wide wall mount is included in the holder package for saving floor space, and it makes it possible to displace the residential or apartment size faculty even where the space is shortage.

Versatile Use: Besides helmets this holder also fills other spaces to maximize the utility of the storage space. It can be a bag holder, ID card holder, protective mask, leather jacket, and much more hence offering the buyer versatility choice.

Easy Installation: The pin will be provided along with screws and wall plugs that are enough for simple installations onto various wall surfaces without having to seek specialized tools or expertise.


Limited Capacity: The holder only has one hook that may not be capable of storing a large number of helmets at once or anything thick like that, thus storing capacity is a concern.


The DreamMoto Black Wall Mount Helmet Holder meets standard requirements for functionality, startling duration, and aesthetic appeal to provide you with an accommodation to store the helmets and other accessories. Its strong structure, compact model, and sleek utilisation result in its being the perfect option, whether you’re moving to a house or an apartment. Although it is possible to power one helmet, its trouble-free installation and high life span make it a reliable and functional positive. In summary, this helmet hanger is multipurpose and time-saving placing your helmet being safely and bring about order in your life.

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