VAR Oil Can Review

The VAR Stainless Steel Oil Can is a versatile and durable lubrication tool designed for use in various applications, including automotive maintenance and household tasks. Manufactured by VAR TOOLS, this oil can boasts a range of features aimed at providing efficient and convenient lubrication for your car, bike, or other machinery


Vehicle Service TypeCar
Liquid Volume238 Milliliters
Package InformationTin
MaterialStainless Steel
Inner MaterialStainless Steel
Outer MaterialStainless Steel
ColourFix And Flexible Spout
ManufacturerVAR TOOLS
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight250 g


Durable Construction: As it is made using state-of-the-art stainless steel, this oil can are designed to offer great resilience and durability even in the harshest environment conditions.

Detachable Metal Spout: The long detachable metal tube has been designed to allow for the precise distribution of oil, this feature makes it great for oiling of bicycle chains, car parts and other machines components thus making it the best to use.

Rust-Proof Coating: The primer coating applied with antirust properties works to prevent rusting and keeps the oil can healthy, prolonging the product’s service life.

Convenient Cleaning: Since it has few parts and these parts can be removed easily, this oil can is well-suited to cleaning process. As a result, it becomes cleaner and easy to use as time passes by.

Optimal Capacity: 1/2 pint (238ml). This amount of oil is enough to oil different parts of the machines that have to be maintained. Thereby, the oil works for both small and large jobs.


Limited Volume: Although the 238ml container’s quantity would suffice in majority of the operation, those with heavier demands might struggle in long operations when they need to fill up often.

Small Size: The smallness of the oil can will ultimately become a limiting factor for such users that need a greater volume of oil for application in their equipment.


The VAR Stainless Steel Oil Can provides the durable and easy-to-use lubrication for automotive parts, motorcycle chains, and different parts of the machines. Its stainless steel construct, dismantled metal outlet, and resistant anti-rust cover makes it a perfect choice for maintenance and enduring performance. Its diminutive size and the lack of volume may not be comfortable for all users, but still, it is a very practical and useful tool for automotive maintenance or house espouse. The product VARSSO Oil Can fulfills its mission to offer secure and reliable lubrication, so it is a good tool to have in any toolbox.

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