HAWK HELMETS Blue Bicycle Helmet Review

It’s vital that the security of our children while commuting on bikes to the outdoors should not be underestimated. The main objective of the Hawk Helmets’ Blue Bicycle Helmets line is to provide our young riders with a helmet that is not only very safe but also comfortable and does match their personal style. The following review will go through various aspects of this bike, its strengths, limitations, and will bear witness to its suitability for adolescent cyclists.


Vehicle Service TypeBicycle
Item Weight0.3 Kilograms
MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Recommended Age Range4-10 years
Head Circumference Range50cm-52cm
ManufacturerActive AFC
Country of OriginIndia


Safety First: A helmet comprised of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) focuses on safety with comfort in the background. It does not allow even slightest scratches during collisions. Moreover, it is confirmed that their wrist protectors are reliable to keep your hands saved from minor injuries.

Snug Fit: The helmet is designed to be easy-to-wear, snug fit style. It stays on even during rough trips, so the kid is safe. This particular characteristic helps a great deal to make the helmet secure on the rider’s head and reduces the chances of distmin concerns of the safety of helmets slipping or coming out of place.

Compact Design: Being lightweight and compact in its design, the helmet promises the best support without being heavy on the child’s head. This way of transportation does not hinder the movement in any way which is essential for a beautiful cycling activity.

Adjustability: Although any helmet could be initially felt tight for the first time of putting it on, this mask’s breathable foam provides the optimal head size adjustment as well as a long-lasting coziness.

Unisex Design: This helmet is unisex and able to be worn by both boys and girls showing that no gender is ignored or left out giving room to accommodate a large audience of young cyclists irrespective of gender.


Limited Size Range: No doubt that this kind of protective equipment is appropriate for boys and girls, whose head circumferences vary between 50cm and 52cm. In turn, a helmet of this kind may be too small to cover children that have heads of different sizes.

Foam Adjustment Period: As it is very hard for little children to wear a helmet in the very beginning, and the penalty period necessary for the foam to adapt to the child’s head shape may produce discomfort in the short run.

Color Options: While forces of excellent status quo will be appealing to many, some children may prefer a color choice that shall reflect individual taste and personal style.


The HAWK HELMETS Blue Bicycle Helmet hits this sweet spot by combining safety, comfortability and stylishness, hence why it is arguably the best choice for teenage cyclists. ABS construction makes it sturdy so that it can offer a strong case, and snug fitting and compact design convince people more that they can comfortably and handily move on a ride with it.

In spite of the helmet’s small-scale adjustable foam structure, which can hardly meet the needs of children with broader or smaller heads, the fit gradually becomes adjusted and personalized as it is used. Moreover, color might reflect someone’s individuality. Indeed, not only blue is beautiful but also a wider range of color might appeal to more young people.

Finally, as its safety certification, an appropriate fit and an unisex design are the key features that present this model as a great possibility for the parents who are looking for sturdy cycling helmets for their beloved ones. Either, on the street or on a trail, this life-saver is not only safe but by far is the coolest helmet around kids. So, hop on that bike and get their health into top gear with this fantastic design.

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