VEGA Open Face Helmet Review

The VEGA Open Face Helmet in M.Blue is a peppy and safety accessory which develops for motor scooter chauffers We’re going to look at the product more carefully, its technical specifications, pros, cons, and whether it goes with a scooter or not.


Vehicle Service TypeScooter
Item Weight1198 Grams
MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Package Dimensions27.9 x 25.7 x 20.8 cm; 1.2 kg
Item Model NumberOpen Face
Manufacturer Part NumberATM-MB-M
Inner MaterialFoam
Outer MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)


High Impact Abs Material Shell: The outer shell of the helmet has been made from the ABS high impact material, which is higher grade of protection and offers robust collision protection during scooter rides, thus the rider’s head stay safe.

ISI Certified: ISI certified with the IS No.: IS 4151:2015 and CM/L assures safety compliance as well as regulation standards and astonishes the riders by giving them a confidence that the walking/running site is safe and effective rider.

Metallic Quick Release Silent Buckle: Featuring a polycarbonate quick-release mechanism that operates silently and effortlessly, the buckle makes sure the helmet is put on or taken off without any difficulties.

Scratch Resistant & UV Resistant Visor: The polycarbonate visor has an anti-scratch and UV resistance coating, which allows the rider to have clear visibility and protect themselves against the sun’s damage, thus, having an awesome time on the road.

Lightweight Design: The shell of the helmet that only weighs 700 ± 50gms, is lightweight and feels comfortably fixed on the rider’s head, so no untoward pressure is exerted on the neck muscles and they don’t get tired even during extended cycling sessions.


Limited Colour Options: On the other side, the M.Blue colour option provides a shiny and arrest look for helmet but few may be prefer to have more varies of colours to express their individual taste.

Open Face Design: This stylish fashion can be a big plus for the riding with abundant air flow and good visibility. However, the flip side is that they may be less protective than the full face because frontal impact is not their strength especially in the case of accidents.


The VEGA Open Face Helmet in M.Blue brings an amalgamation of style, security, and comfort into one package and can best be recommended to those riders looking for a reliable head protection on their scooters. Offering a hardshell design made from high impact ABS material, ISI certification, and a scratch-tolerant UV visor, it enables riders to enjoy rides without worries because they know that their safety is well-guaranteed.

Not withstanding the fact that it has a small range of colour options and open face design which might not please everyone, the lightweight build and quick release buckle considerably boost this helmet’s con­venience and user appeal.

The real scooterists looking for one cool and secure open face helmet that guarantees the driver both safety and comfort will find their helmets with the VEGA helmet being an ideal product for such people to make their riding on roads absolutely secure and enjoyable.

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