Liqui Moly Cera Tec Engine Oil Additive Review

Engine Cera-Tec is a liquid moly engine oil additive that has a high-density ceramic wear protection feature. Its specific technology is aimed at improving engine performance and engine durability. This review section will be broad, and I will discuss all the specifications, pros, cons and overall I will let to know whether this is a good tool to repair engines.


BrandLiqui Moly
Item FormLiquid
Specific UsesEngine Oil Additives
Item Weight0.3 Kilograms
Net Quantity300.00 millilitre
ManufacturerLiqui Moly
Product Dimensions6.35 x 2.54 x 7.62 cm; 300 g
Item Model Number3721
Manufacturer Part No.P000017
Volume300 Millilitres
Country of OriginGermany


High-Tech Ceramic Wear Protection: Ceramic nanoparticles, developed by Cera Tec, can serve to reinforce the engine components, facilitating lower friction and impact, and reducing the wear and tear of engines.

Reduced Fuel Consumption: The technology of Cera Tec results in reducing friction and increasing the quality of motor operation, which contributes to better fuel efficiency of both gasoline and diesel engines and is also a money resource for the owners of cars.

Extended Engine Life: By the fact that the direct ball-on-metal wear is avoided, the lifespan of the engine parts is increased and the quality of the engine increases.

Attractive Pricing: The CeraTec brand combines its first-class technology with top-quality formulating to both ensure top engine performance and price the product appropriately to stay competitive in the market.


Limited Application: Cera Tec, which is supposed to reduce the friction and wear in the engines, is used now only as an additive in engine oils; and the existence of other possible engine problems may limit its scope of application.


Liqui Moly Cera Tec Engine Oil Additive is a very credible solution to replace engine performance and engine life. The utilization of high-tech ceramic compounds for hard wear protective purposes, the result of which is a reduced friction, an enhanced service life, as well as an overall extended lifetime of engine components.

Moreover, its versatility, as it can blend with different diesel fuel brands and engine types gives it an extensive potential for use which makes it available to many motor vehicle owners. Psyching up of greater fuel consumption efficiency and income benefits are additional factors which make lower maintenance cost attractable choice for the engine.

As well as the draw of it appealing to the engine oil only, the fact that it does in fact enhance engine performance with its affordable pricing make it a great pick for the car owners to optimize the working of the engine of their vehicle.

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