Motul Technosynthese 10W-40 Scooter Oil Review

The Motul Technosynthese 10W-40 Scooter Oil is a high-performance lubricant with a CV specification designed to provide improved performance for scooters. The oil is lashed towards the Technosynthese technology that uses ester base stock for improved gear protection and machine life maintenance. In this discourse, we will deal with, its particulars, benefits, the shortcomings, and, suitability for scooter owners.


Vehicle Service TypeScooter
Liquid Volume1 Litre
Package InformationBottle
Item model numberTechnosynthese
Manufacturer Part No.101384
Country of OriginVietnam
Imported ByAtlantic Lubricants & Specilities Pvt, Ltd, Mumbai, India
Item Weight900 g


Technosynthese Technology: This motor oil undergoes technological development with using Techno-Synthesizing technique, providing a separation between mineral and synthetic. These environmental circumstances assure improved engine heat transfer, lessened rubbing and besting performance.

Enhanced Gear Protection: This base stock not only containing esters but also provides increased gear protection rating throUGH lowering the friction of engine components, leading to extended component lifespan.

Improved Oil Film Resistance: Regardless of how high the working temperature is, this oil provides outstanding oil film resistance and hence it gives very good wear protection during the adverse working conditions.

Environmental Friendliness: Low sulphur and phosphorus content, which purify the gas path for catalytic converters, allow less harmful emissions and environmental values conservation.


Limited Availability: Some customers may prefer professional installation and live in cities where it is not accessible, hence limiting their ability to get the service. Home installation will be an option in selected cities.


Motul Technosynthese 10W-40 Scooter Oil wins out as a best-in-class lubricant protector for scooter fans. Its super duper advanced Technosynthese technology, and Ester base stock technology, contribute to better care of gears, and improved engine performance, as well as an extended lifespan and durability.

At present, though it may be available only for a selected selective list of cities, but its amazing efficiency and environmental friendliness remain the most favorable options for a typical scooter user who seek performance and endurance for their engines. If you emphasis superior lubrication along the environmental safety in regard of your scooter Operations, then the Motul Technosynthese 10W-40 Scooter Oil is the oil of your choice that you may consider for maintenance of your scooter.

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