Steelbird SBA-2 Strength Stylish Bike Full Face Helmet Review

The Steelbird Matt Black Red Cycling Helmet is made with keeping in mind that it should protect a cyclist in the best possible way, provide comfort and look stylish all the while the rides. Demonstrating air booster system, breathable pads, and detachable high-impact-resistant thermoplastic shell, this model identifies rider’s safety and improved cycling on the road. In this review, we will be unraveling the basic features, mere specifications, the traits that are advantageous to a user, the points that might as well have them be disadvantaged, and the verdict itself.


ColourMatt Black Red with Chrome Silver Visor
Vehicle Service TypeStreet bike
MaterialHigh Impact Resistant Thermoplastic shell
Certificate TypeISI Certified
Finish TypeMatte
Shell TypeABS
Specification MetISI Certified
Closure TypeBuckle
Batteries IncludedNo
Included Components1 Helmet
Material TypeHigh Impact Resistant Thermoplastic shell
Outer MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
FeaturesMicro-Metric Buckle meeting European Standards, Air Booster System, Breathable Padding, High Impact ABS Material Shell
Country of OriginIndia


Air Booster System: It’s designed with an air blast system aimed at improving airflow of it with rider’s head always fresh and cool during long trips.

Breathable Padding: The very helmet is provided with breathable padding that makes wearer feel more comfortable by enhancing the ventilation and moisture wicking. Sweats therefore can not build up in the breast areas.

Micro-Metric Buckle: A micro-metric buckle supply of the product that meets the European standards is the one that guarantees a secured and adjustable fixture for riders having different head sizes.

High Impact ABS Material Shell: Composed of durable high-impact thermoplastic shell, this lid is very conducive to the safety of the rider letting him be engaged in the activities without harming his the head.


Limited Colour Options: Although Black Matt Red/Chrome Silver Visor maybe the color of my liking, riders might want to choose from a greater variety of colors in order to fit their own personality and style.

Single Closure Type: For some riders, maybe they’d think the buckle closure system in helmets is less convenient than it does in the helmets with alternative closure mechanisms like magnetic or ratchet closure.


The Siecalt Matt Black Red Cycling helmet combines a balance of fashion esthetics, comfort, and safer option in order to bring the highest satisfaction of the trip for the bicycle riders. Its air booster system, breathable padding, and high impact-resistant shell are the reasons for which it becomes the first choice of riders because they resist the ride comfort and safety of riders. Though the low number of colors and one closure version may be insignificant drawbacks, the general sturdiness and capacity of this helmet turn it into a reliable helmet that cyclists prefer for a range of bike trips.

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