Bosch Fusion API SL SAE 5W 30 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil

The Bosch 5W-30 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil, is a superb lubricant that gives excellent service for both petrol and diesel engines. It is specifically designed to provide high performance. Features of this oil that include the semi-synthetic complex composition together with the excellency in viscosity rating guarantee the long drain intervals hence the smooth operation of the engine, while lengthening the engine life.


Vehicle Service TypeCar
ManufacturerBosch Ltd
Liquid Volume5000 Millilitres
Package InformationJug
Product Dimensions22.1 x 11 x 29.6 cm
Manufacturer Part NumberF002H23762
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight34 g


Premium Performance: The Bosch 5W-30 Engine Oil is meant to deliver as well as top performance featured on both the gasoline as well as diesel engines. The use of this oil in the engine will ensure maximized lubrication and protection because of its high-quality composition that leads to its efficiency and reliability.

Compatibility: This oil is suitable for use in both older and modern cars, making it possible for individuals to use it in their vehicles. Therefore, this product offers a good degree of diversity for its users. You can rest assured that either you drive a petrol or a diesel car; the Bosch 5W-30 Oil is a guarantee for unmatched performance.

Longer Drain Intervals: By being semi-synthetic, it this engine oil is possible to change it after bigger time spans when compared to conventional oils. Which means less oil replacement, saving you the effort and cash for routine checks.


Limited Information: There are no elaborate descriptions about specific characteristics in this advertisement, therefore, customers may find it hard to grasp what is the advantage of this product.


The Bosch 5W-30 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil, on the whole, is reliable and has high-performance features that do not cause an engine any problems. Its high-quality composition, versatility for vehicles of all brands, and drainage interval longer than in most others are three important aspects for applying it in the maintenance of vehicles. On the other hand, prospective purchasers might find more information about the product or its specialities and advantages a useful input for making their own proper purchase decisions. This Bosch 5W-30 Engine Oil is a low viscosity lubricant that you can make use of to keep your car engine well-oiled and running as good as new.

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