TVS White with Yellow Motorcycle Helmet Review

As far as safeguarding roads, a well-built helmet is an inseparable investment, for sure. The TVS White with Yellow Motorcycle Helmet incorporates not only a style element but a safety attribute as well, with multi-impact EPS to address the safety and the high quality padding to cause comfort. In this article, we will go through its specifications, usages, advantages, disadvantages and our take on it.


ColourWhite with Yellow
Item Weight0.75 Kilograms
Closure TypeHook and Loop
ManufacturerHarita Accessories LLP, Hosur, Tamil Nadu
Item model numberN53227200KDA


Multi-Density EPS: The addition of this material multi-density EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) onto the helmet structure leads to improvement of protection by reduction of impact force with the helmet, as a result the risk of head injury which may occur in case of crash is reduced.

High-Quality Padding: Amounting comfort is crucial when subject to long rides, and this helmet suits you perfectly with its good padding. The padding does not serve only the purpose of cushioning, but also contributes to the overall fit of the shoe being snotting which implies snug and comfortable ft.

Adjustable Release Strap: In addition, the buckle strap whose combination of hooks and loops allows users set up several fitting options and choose a design that suits them best. It is a unique design that make the head band ideally fit for different heads.

Stylish Design: The latter is a yellow helmet which is done to add, to the whole, a touch of vibrant color. This color combination enhances the appearance of the helmet thus making the rider who, to both style and safety, is interested more style-conscious.

Lightweight: Only 0.75 kg, this helmet is a very lightweight and comfortable system. It will not overstrain your neck and shoulder muscles during extended hours-wear period.


Plastic Material: Although helmet is made up of plastic, which cannot be the strongest material in comparison of fiberglass and carbon fiber, it still can make it pass the safety standards and be capable of providing enough protection.

Closure Type: Due to the fact that the mechanism of hook and loop closure is functional it may have this level of security and usage convenience which is seen in those helmets with buckle or D-ring closures.

Limited Gender Option: The brand name printed on the helmet indicates it is specifically aimed at boys, maybe this is the reason why who do not identify with prevalent gender roles may feel restricted in buying it.


This white-yellowed helmet also covers our head safe, comfortable and stylish, which thus makes it a very suitable headwear option for riders seeking similar product. Unlike other helmet designs it comprises of a composition of multi-density EPS that guarantee maximum protection during an accident & in addition, its padding provides comfort and can be adjusted to enhance a proper release from the strap.

Plastic is the material in which the helmet’s construction is made. Durability could be an issue of some concern with it. However, the helmet still reaches safety standards and offers the proper protection for riders. Furthermore the hook and loop closure system while working well as with other closure type can be it not convenient to some of the users.

In essence, by taking into account the design’s lightness, the helmet’s outward look and its focus on safety innovations, one would possess a good mixture of both aesthetics and safety with the TVS White with Yellow Motorcycle Helmet. Whether you are city looking for that next adventure or long journey, this helmet is going to bring you the confidence and style that pushes you to new height.

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