Steelbird SBA-7 7Wings ISI Certified Flip-Up Helmet Review

The Steelbird SBA-7 7Wings helmet positions itself as a feature-rich option for riders seeking a comfortable and convenient flip-up helmet with modern functionalities. This review dives into the SBA-7’s specifications, explores its advantages and disadvantages, and helps you decide if it aligns with your riding needs.


Shell MaterialHigh-Impact Resistant Thermoplastic
Safety CertificationInformation not available
VisorInformation not available
PaddingBreathable with Neck Protector and Extra Comfort
ClosureQuick Release Micro Metric Buckle
Special FeaturesBluetooth Compatibility, Ventilation System, Flip-Up Chin Guard, Quick Release Visor Change
WeightInformation not available
SizeLarge (600 mm)
ColorMatt Maroonpen_spark


Flip-Up Chin Guard: The flip-up chin guard provide additional convenience in removal of helmet while still providing the possibility of talking to someone who is not moving while the helmet is still in place.

Bluetooth Compatibility: The helmet has a feature of integrating Bluetooth communication that lets you communicate hands-free without distractions while riding bikes. (Note: Headphone included ( Bluetooth headset not included)

Ventilation System: The ventilation system becomes a positive factor for the athletes as it helps them not to sweat much since there is more flow of the air especially in the hot season.

Quick Release Features: The micro metric buckle deploy swiftly and the easy to change visor giving you comfort and customisation.

Breathable Padding and Neck Protector: The soft suspension of the posture ( padded ) padding with the integrated head protector has been created just for the comfortable long trips.

Washable Interior: Comfortable and washable inner cover keeps the hygiene up.


Missing Safety Certification Information: Safety certification, of course, is what everybody needs. Research retailers to get into more information about the carg a safety certification like ISI or DOT meets the safety standard.

Limited Visor Details: The visor material, scratch resistance, and UV protection statements is unavailable in the product thus it is difficult to say how safe the eyes are oriented.

Weight Unknown: Wight information is not specified on top of that, it is even hard to evaluate neck strain, which is the greater case on longer rides.


In terms of convenience, Steelbird SBA-7 7Wings is complete in itself. For example, its strap-up chin guard, Bluetooth compatibility, ventilation, and quick-release system are but a few of its assets which are all inclined towards convenience and security. Nevertheless, these shortcomings include the insufficient detailing on safety certification and the kind of visor is the main disadvantages which should concern the prospective buyers.

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