Shell Advance Synthetic Technology Motorbike Engine Oil for Royal Enfield (2.5 L) Review

The Shell Advance AX7 Motorcycle Engine Oil has specially designed characteristics such as a higher performance, better usability, and a deeper protection, to meet the performance expectations of modern motorbikes. It will set a new standard by the fact that its sophisticated facilities with Active Cleansing Technology what means that will continue to keep engines clean and increase the response of the engine under varied conditions. Here in this review’s we will have a good look at its specs, features, pros, cons, and in an end, in the end it will give a final verdict about this model’s efficiency.


Vehicle Service TypeMotorbike
Liquid Volume2500 Millilitres
Package InformationJug
Product Dimensions9 x 20 x 25 cm; 2 kg
Item model number550050874
Manufacturer Part Number550050874
Volume2.5 Litres
ManufacturerShell India Market Pvt. Ltd
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight2 kg


Advanced Synthetic Technology: AX7 oil employs motor vehicle manufacturers’ precise and transparent synthetic technologies unlike other counterparts. Subsequently, it helps to keep the engine cleaner and prevent sludge deposits. The end result is, therefore, a quieter, more responsive and smoother operation which be satisfied.

Enhanced Power & Mileage: Thanks to its specific formula, this oil focuses on power and rendering longer mileage. It can be then used with great confidence for better performance and fuel consumption of your vehicle.

Complete Engine Protection: Providing 10% of cleaner engines and 29% of high-temperature protection guarantee than leading competitors, on the top of this, the AX7 oil has 36% greater weat protection, it gives you comprehensive protection for your engine.

Optimized Clutch Control: It is a clutch with an optimizing control to exceed standard requirement and make sustained operation with stable engine performance, while maintaining a constant supply of fuel and air to the system.

Tailored for Modern Engines: Being specially developed for fuelling the latest engines of sports bikes or luxury motorcycles, this oil is applicable in different motorbike models, including Royal Enfield.


Limited Compatibility Information: However, while providing the fitment compatibility for Royal Enfield models only, rather than all other bike brands and models, there will be an even better purchasing experience for customers if the information is more detailed.


The Shell Advance AX7 Motorcycle Engine Oil stands out as a high-quality lubricant designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern motorbikes. Its advanced synthetic technology, coupled with Active Cleansing Technology, ensures optimal engine cleanliness and performance. With features such as enhanced power and mileage, complete engine protection, and optimized clutch control, it offers riders a reliable and efficient solution for their engine lubrication needs. While more detailed compatibility information would be beneficial, the overall performance and reputation of Shell products make the AX7 oil a compelling choice for motorcycle enthusiasts looking to optimize their ride’s performance and longevity. If you’re seeking a premium-grade engine oil that delivers on its promises, the Shell Advance AX7 is undoubtedly worth considering.

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