Würth Plastic And Rubber Care 500 ml Review

The Würth Automotive Lubricant/Oil being a multi-purpose and widely applicable product is intended to delivery the performance and life of the many car parts. This product comes with the reliability and constant workability feature, so as to match the lubrication requirements of bike accessories and other auto components. Our review focuses on the details and functions of this auto-deteriorating machine, explores its pros and cons, and ultimately reveals its efficiency and the role it plays in automotive maintenance.


ProductAutomotive Accessories
Automotive Lubricant/Oil
Motor Bike accessories
Package Dimensions23.3 x 6.1 x 6 cm; 390 g
Item model number0893221525
Manufacturer Part Number0893221525
Volume500 Millilitres
Inner MaterialOther
Outer MaterialPlastic
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight390 g


Reliable Performance: Würth Automotive’s Lubricant/Oil, unlike other lubricants with varied results, are forged to produce consistent and reliable performances that enables automotive parts and accessories to work perfectly.

Versatile Application: It means that this product is suitable for many auto accessories, in particular, a good universal lubricant, so it is multi-functional and can be used as a solution to many needs in maintenance.


Limited Information: Complementing the information provided on the product is its specific uses and compatible parts that it works with. This may give difficulty to consumers regarding its appropriateness for their needs.


The confident automotive lubricant/oil suits for the top of maintenance line as the product features consistency and versatility performance. This one may be designed to lubricate any kind of motorbike accessory as well as automotive parts and this fact could prove alluring and consequently attractive to most of the customers. However, lack of detailed information with regard its compatibility could leave some customers with uncertainties in this respect. Briefly, the Automotive Lubricant/Oil from Würth is a good choice of product when your non-lubricant use give you the opportunity to serve yourself. Its combination of reliability and ease of use make it a good purchase. Yet for highly specialised applications the advised is to undertake additional research or opt for a consultation, which may be necessary to ensure that there is compatibility with particular automotive parts .

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