Yamaha Sport Premium Motorcycle Engine Oil Review

The Yamaha Sport Premium Motorcycle Engine Oil is a physically synthesized lubricant that is optimized to improve the operating and long-term results of motorcycle engines. Let’s dive into details of this incredible product in this most comprehensive review, covering it’s specifications, advantages, side effects which of course are present and considering whether this is a good choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.


ModelSport Premium
Product Dimensions21 x 7 x 12 cm; 900 g
Item Model Number90793AD41100
Manufacturer Part No.90793AD41100
ManufacturerTIDE WATER OIL COMPANY(INDIA) LTD, Yamaha Motor India Pvt. Ltd.
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight900 g


Fully Synthetic Formulation: The patent new fully oil synthetic takes advantage of the advanced lubrication properties, resulting in optimized performance and protection of the engine.

Improved Wear and Sludge Control: This oil prevents excessive wear of moving parts of an engine promoting highest performance and lower sludge deposition.

Optimum Viscosity: This particular oil with its ideal viscosity and evaporation rate considerably reduces required use and thus maintenance costs, as the superior performance is preserved during its lifespan.

Longer Engine Life: The sport premium engine oil from Yamaha is thought of as the extension of the life cycle of the motorbike engine; providing durability and reliability which can satisfy the needs and preference of most motorcycle users.


Limited Availability: Availability may defer by the location, eventually the demand may be low in some places where customers are facing difficulty to obtain it as much as they expect.


Redefining the Premium Motorcycle Engine Oil by Yamaha, the high-end engine oil lasts longer, accumulate less of sludge and extend engine life. Its completely synthetic formula offers an excellent wear protection and sludge control, thus ensuring the most competent engine performance and holding period.

If you have access to, there could be few problems with the performance of the engine oil made from synthetic materials but this could be an attractive option for motorcycle followers wishing to enhance the engine’s performance and durability.

Summing it all up, the Yamaha Sport Premium Motorcycle Engine Oil is definitely the right choice for the person in search of a first class lubricant with better durability, performance, and efficiency when the end user is Yamaha’s rider. This is because Yamaha is known worldwide for its excellence and quality.

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