Shell Advance Premium Mineral Scooter Engine Oil Review

Among the gearless scooter engine oils, the Shell Advance AX5 Scooter is a base known for the overall quality of its performance, extended lifetime, and accelerated fuel efficiency. In this brief but all-encompassing review, we will touch upon the main points of this product exploring its pros, cons, and we will stand for this product’s supporters and opponents.


Vehicle Service TypeScooter
Liquid Volume800 Millilitres
Package InformationBottle
ModelAdvance AX5 Scooter
ManufacturerShell India Markets Pvt.Ltd.
Product Dimensions10 x 5 x 22 cm; 800 g
Item model number10W30
Manufacturer Part Number10W30
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight800 g


Reduced Noise & Vibration: Shell Advance AX5 Scooter oil is designed to decrease engine noise and vibration so riding of your scooter will be smoother and quieter to enjoy a happier and smooth riding experience.

Engine Cleanliness: At 33%-above-ground-class-deposits-and-slug-free engine components, this oil guarantees that the vital engine components can work well without being clogged up by the oil sluggish materials, extend the engine’s life, and boost the performance.

Longer Oxidation Stability: With a 43% longer oxidation stability being its key feature, the oil loses its effectiveness to a much lesser extent when under higher temperature conditions, which then translates to a longer in-service-life and, in turn, less frequent oil changes.

Wide Compatibility: Envisaging every scooter model and possessing enabling it to be connected with gearless models from the major brands like Honda, TVS, Suzuki, Mahindra, Hero, Yamaha, Piaggio, distinctiveness and convenience for scooter riders have been provided.

Durable and Stable Oil: The composition of this oil has a positive effect on the longevity of the engine due to the steady lubrication that is provided and helps elongate the motor’s use life which can save a lot of money on maintenance in the future.

Specifically Designed: This product meets API SL and JASO MB specifications that are closely engineered for use in scooters with engines without gears, ensuring the most efficient functioning and guarding the equipment against the specificity of the other kinds of engines.


Limited Availability for Home Installation: Even though in-home installation is offered in some towns, it can’t be an available option out of all seasons which gives a less convenience experience for some customers.


In conclusion, the Shell Advance AX5 Scooter Engine Oil offers a compelling proposition for scooter owners seeking top-notch performance, cleanliness, and longevity for their vehicles. With its reduced noise and vibration, superior engine cleanliness, longer oxidation stability, wide compatibility, and specifically tailored formulation for gearless scooters, it ticks all the boxes for an ideal engine oil. While availability for home installation may vary, the overall benefits make it a worthy investment for scooter enthusiasts looking to optimize their riding experience and extend the life of their beloved two-wheelers.

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