Motul 3100 4T Gold 20W50 Motorcycle Oil Review

Motorcycle oil 3100 4T of gold 20W50, motul is the oil specifically created for a wide range of motorcycles that include Bajaj motorcycles, Yamaha, and Bullet brand Royal Enfield models. Unlike other oils that come from natural sources, this synthetic oil has pure techno formulation as well as unique specifications and it ensures better lubrication and friction control when checked. This review will go through a detailed view of its technical features, plus, not faced with benefits, drawbacks and suitability by motorcyclists.


Vehicle Service TypeMotorcycle
Liquid Volume1000 Millilitres
Package InformationBottle
Model3100 4T Gold
ManufacturerStandard Greases & Specialities Pvt Ltd, MOTUL
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight930 g


Wide Vehicle Compatibility: This oil Motul 3100 4T Gold 20W50 can be convered with motorcycles from well-known brands like Bajaj, Yamaha, and Royal Enfield Bullet without any issue as it provides onoutine performance and protection.

Techno Synthetic Formulation: Owning to its techno synthetic composition, this oil offers better lubrication qualities that render a lowered friction and a higher withstanding in the daily work of the engine elements, leading to an extended life span and better performance of the vehicle.

Friction Control Capability: This compound’s friction control attribute helps maintain a seamless running and smooth power delivery, enabling riders to encounter the consistently expected performance and machine reliability in any conditions they ride in.

Excellent Thermal Resistance: An increased resistance to high temperatures is what makes the advanced Motul 3100 4T Gold 20W50 Oil overpower its competition; its thermostability at riding conditions remains stable and efficient.


Limited Availability of Home Installation: Accessing home installation is only possible on the condition of your product and location, with some people finding this service to be beyond a reach, thus missing the ease of professional assistance.


The Motul 3100 4T Gold 20W50 Motorcycle Oil happens to stand out among other oils for those biking fanatics who are looking closely at motorcycle oil which is integrally linked to engine lubrication and performance. Integrated into API SM, as well as JASO MA2(Plus), this techno synthetic comb implements advanced specifications to ensure top-tier engine protection and efficiency against various motorcycles.

Although the installation process is not accessible for home service, the products for lubrication, friction control, and thermal diminishing are available which makes the Motul 3100 4T Gold 20W50 oil an investment worth taking for those who want his motorcycle to be super efficient and durable. In case you are looking for a trusted and powerful motorcycle oil, Motul 3100 4T Gold 20W50 is definitely worth considering in this regard.

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