FALCON-ONE 5M Cycling Helmet Cover/Bag Review

The FALCON-ONE Helmet Bag SS10 positions itself as a universal solution for storing and transporting your motorcycle helmet. This review explores the bag’s specifications, examines its potential advantages and disadvantages, and helps you decide if it aligns with your helmet carrying needs.


Model NameHelmet Bag SS10
Outer MaterialPolyester
Inner Material (not explicitly mentioned, but likely polyester based on description)Polyester
Claimed UniversalityDesigned to fit all helmet types
Closure SystemClosing Rope and Toggle
Additional UsesShoe Storage, Water Bottle Carrier, Gear Organizer


Universal Fit (Claimed): A second version of the bag that is adjusted to fulfill the needs of full face, open face, and possibly modular helmets. (Note: Be sure to confirm and compare the size to make sure that it works with your particular helmet (if applicable).

Durable Polyester Construction: The durability and regular use survivability is guaranteed/assured by the topnotch polyester fabric material choices.

Protective Functions: The bag prevents scratches, dust, and moisture from damaging your helmet and, which consequently prolongs its lifetime.

Versatility Beyond Helmets: Through this we may use for any purpose like a toiletry bag, for holding water bottles or keep the gear for multiple activities.

Easy to Use Closure: The rope and turnbuckle opening system has a rapid and complete locking functionality.

Modern Design: The compact form factor fits well within your on-the-go activities.


Unverified Universal Fit: While the packaging claims, “One Size Fits All Helmet”, it is advised to check the bag’s dimensions with corresponding size of your helmet to ensure a perfect fit.

Limited Breathability Information: The description didn’t not to mention breathability. You might think about it and probe deeper if there is the problem with ventilation.

Potential Padding Absence: There is no mention of additional padding on the bike. This might be a concern for riders who want padding to protect against hazard impact during transit.

Shoulder Strap Not Mentioned: In the given caption, there is no shoulder strap mentioned that can a limitation for the shoulder strap’s carrying comfort.


With FALCON-ONE Helmet Bag SS10, you get a multifunctional bag that helps you keep safe your motorcycle helmet when you are not using it and also assists in its transportation. The fact that it is made from polyester fabrics with a supposed universal fit, and has built in shields to cite a few make it very formidable in the market. Additionally the absence in regards to unfit to all helmet types, breathability detail and the possibility of no padding become the turning point for decision making.

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