TotalEnergies- Hi-Perf 4T 700 10W-30 | API SN, JASO MA2 | 4-Stroke Semi Synthetic Engine Oil Review 

TotalEnergies introducing its Hi-Perf 4T 700 10W-30 motorcycle engine oil, which features extra-ordinary anti-wear protection, viscosity control in all temperature conditions, and outperforms other engine oils in 4-stroke motorcycles. In this review, we will not only look at the specification, features, its pros and cons but we will also evaluate the product and give our verdict.


Vehicle Service TypeCar
Flash Point220 Degrees Celsius
Liquid Volume0.9 Litres
Package InformationBottle
ManufacturerTotal Oil India Private Limited
ModelTotalEnergies 4T 700
Product Dimensions10.8 x 6 x 23 cm; 844 g
Item Weight844 g
Manufacturer Part No.4T 700
Country of OriginIndia


Superior Wear Protection: Engine Oil with formulated Durability Improver technology offers maximum wear protection and superior metal surface protection; thus, after setup of the engine and use to the engine run better, the features of engine components like crankshaft, bearings, piston, camshafts, and the timing chain will all remain intact even under high stress and heavy use.

Temperature Viscosity Control: However, the thinner grades of oils not only ensure ease for the engines but help in combating viscosity loss as well as lubrication and protection of engines in harsh weather condition for longer periods.

Excellent Performance: With the help of synthetic oil it, reduces the loss of compression and power, also makes it very easy for the car to start in the cold conditions besides it lowers the friction and ensures the complete cooperation of piston rings for a smooth ride.

Compatibility: Cattratural with catalytic converters and lead-free fuel, the synthetic engine oil meets international standards APi SN and JASO MA2that are compatibility with most of two and three wheels motorcycles.

Technology & Innovation: Empowered by TotalEnergies’ experience and determination in new technology, on the contrary, it is able to offer advanced technology, while performing dependably and keeping the high quality of the oil.


Limited Liquid Volume: The 0.9l had can be a bit cramped for folk using it regularly and those who require higher volumes for oil changes on a regular basis.


The motorcycle oil offered by the TotalEnergies brand which is known as Hi-Perf 4T 700 10W-30 has proved outstanding when it comes to the protection the engines of motorcycles against abnormal wear, control of the viscosity at high temperatures and the performance of the motorcycle is high. This additive is a scientific breakthrough as it uses very effective blend, compatible with different types of motorcycle oils and its reliability and reputation of reliability makes it a distinctive solution for optimal performance of 4-stroke engines motorcycles. Nevertheless, users who need larger amounts of water could be constrained by the low volume offered by the kettle that has only 0.9 liters of liquid. Hence, this engine oil is undoubtedly a reliable choice for riders who are keen and deliberate on consuming a product that delivers both performance and reliability.

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