Vega Jet Old School ISI DOT Certified Gloss Finish Open Face Helmet Review

The Vega Jet helmet positions itself as an affordable option for riders seeking a basic, open-face helmet with safety certifications. This review delves into the Jet’s specifications, explores its pros and cons, and helps you determine if it aligns with your riding needs.


Shell MaterialABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Safety CertificationISI and DOT Certified (IS 4151:2015 and CM/L no.: 1650145)
VisorScratch-resistant & UV-resistant Optical Polycarbonate, Easy Visor Mechanism
PaddingInformation not available
ClosureMetallic Quick Release Silent Buckle
WeightApproximately 900 Grams (lightweight)
SizesXS (53-54 cm) to L (59-60 cm)
ColorBlack Red


Dual Safety Certification: The Vega Aircraft possesses both (ISI) India and (U. S. DOT) US Department of Transportation certifications, which assures that the aircraft meets safety standards for impact resistance and shell integrity.

Lightweight Design: At aproximately 900 grams, the Jet is designed to contribute to very low neck strains, which is often the most prominent trouble point during more dynamic rides.

Scratch-Resistant & UV-Resistant Visor: It is made of optical grade polycarbonate, with satisfactory visibility, and scratch and UV ray resistant, to protect eyes.

Easy Visor Mechanism: This is underline by the fact that the visor mechanism is easy to use, even through one wears gloves.

Silent Buckle: The metallic contour quick-release buckle feature offers a sure and safe closure system. Also, the buckle system is less noisy than the buckles of other backpacks.

Odor-Resistant Properties: The helmet is antibacterial, it prevents bad smell development thus maintaining freshness for longer between maintenance. Multiple Sizes: A person can put on a helmet starting from XS to shirts with the sizes S to L catering to many heads shapes and sizes.


Open-Face Design: A half-face helmet design might be a little less protective than a full-face one which,in turn, could make it unsuitable for more riders and for certain riding conditions.

Limited Padding Information: The emphasis of this paragraph is placed on the fact that padding material, breathability or comfort features are not mentioned.

Potential for Wind Noise: Wind noise might be more annoying to bikers who drive open-face helmets than bike-riders that use full-face helmets.


The brand-new Vega Jet is among the best for the hard-up riders who want to get around with the certified and basic open-face cycle helmet of DOT and ISI. The packable compact design, rugged visor, and sound-off buckle result in enhanced user interface. While open-face helmets favor comfort and less window area, they do not provide enough protection, and additional research should be conducted on padding matters.

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