Yamaha YR6 Half Face Helmet Review

The Yamaha YR6 helmet is a genuine Yamaha product designed for sport riding, racing, and on-road motorcycles. This review analyzes the helmet’s features, explores potential benefits and drawbacks, and helps you decide if it’s the right choice for you.


Sport‎Riding, Racing, Bike
Certificate Type‎ISI
Finish Type‎Matte
Shell Type‎Hard
Closure Type‎Buckle
Manufacturer‎Steel Bird Hi-Tech India, Yamaha Motor India Pvt. Ltd
Product Dimensions‎27 x 30 x 25 cm; 1.1 kg
Item model number‎Y6AYR6RDXL16
Manufacturer Part Number‎Y6AYR6RDXL16
Inner Material‎Expanded Polystyrene
Outer Material‎Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Manufacturer‎Steel Bird Hi-Tech India
Country of Origin‎India
Item Weight‎1 kg 100 g


Genuine Yamaha Helmet: Made for Yamaha in mind initially intended for use on Yamaha motorcycles, the power of Yamaha brand and the made-for-Yamaha in this may induce Yamaha riders to use these items naturally.

Lightweight & Compact Design: The lightweight build of the helmet may end up helping to reduce neck strain over time as you ride, and the small and compact size can even make storage a cinch.

Extra-Long Anti-Scratch Visor: The otherwise extra-long visor could be of benefit by widening the field of view and the particular anti-scratch coating could help with durability.

Ventilation: When front and rear ventilation are involved, cool air influx contributes to a better air movement and comfort of the helmeted head.

Micro Metric Buckle: The micro metric buckle is a safe and user-friendly closure system, making it the best option for those who choose it.


Polystyrene Shell Material: Lower priced than its more expensive counterpart made of polystyrene, budget helmets fall under polystyrene. Although such helmets might pass or even meet some mandatory safety standards, it is unlikely that they will be capable of providing the same level of impact protection as fiberglass or composite helmet materials.

Limited Information on Safety Ratings: It is not clear whether The description has any safety ratings or certification. g. , DOT, ECE). For choosing helmets that conform to the existing safety standards is essential.

Comfort for Extended Wear: To add to the list, the review reveals less about the stuffing features such the liner materials. You may want to check out user reviews to find out about passenger comfort in circumstances when you plan the long ride dates.


The Yamaha YRC6 helmet boasts a lightweight design with high-quality features at a consumer-friendly price for the Yamaha riders. Although the polystyrene shell is superior to other materials in terms of impact protection, the shell volume size became smaller with the lighter weight foam and increase in rotational impact force. Furthermore, the impact timeframe is now increased affecting the impact absorption characteristic. A passenger who is taking a longer journey for the sake of safety and convenience, perhaps would find it beneficial, to search for more advanced material represents, and with greater safety ratings.

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