Motul Chain Lube Review

The super lube is a top quality lubricant that will keep your motorcycle chain running quicker and longer. Fit to all motorcycling chain categories, including normal, o-ring, x-ring and z-ring, this transparent and limpid oil derives top-rate protection against friction, water, and rust. This time we will delve into its specs, as well as its pros, cons, and the fittest compatible with different communities who are looking for top-notch chain maintenance solutions.


Package InformationTin
Liquid Volume400 Millilitres
Item Weight320 Grams
Recommended UsesBike chain lube, chain lubricant
Flash Point130 Degrees Celsius
Specific UsesSmooths
Item FormSpray
ManufacturerPACKSERV CO., LTD, Thailand
Product Dimensions6.3 x 5.7 x 25.4 cm; 320 g
Item model number102981
Manufacturer Part NumberMTL102981
Water ResistanceWater Resistant
Stain Resistant?No
Assembly RequiredNo
Country of OriginThailand


Versatile Compatibility: The universal Motul Chain Lube will fit all types of motorcycle chains, for example, simple, with o-ring, x-ring, z-ring, and street-type motorcycles, as well as go-karts, giving a wide variety of versions and possibilities of use for various applications.

Enhanced Lubrication: Treated with chemical processes, the substance is transformed into a colorless, tacky chain lube that reduces friction, power consumption and thus, loss of power. It makes the bike chain operate smooth, consistent and efficiently, which is vital for the preservation of optimal performance and fuel economy.

Water and Rust Resistance: With its water-resistant features, this chain lubricant offers quality safeguard against moisture making the motorcycle chain resistant to rust even during hard riding conditions or inclement weather hence, prolonging the durable life of a chain.

Thermal Resistance and Stability: The chain lube demonstrates a strong thermal resistance and stability, this is to keep its lubricating and protective characteristics working across a wide range of temperatures. The staying power even at different temperatures is to keep consistent and stable performance in rider environment.


No Stain Resistance: The product is devoid of stain-resistant property; this calls for vigilance during the application to prevent any stains from forming as a result of the leaks or spills. The cleaning and maintenance may be necessary to prevent the mess and stains on surfaces.


The occurance of the Motul Chain Lube puts a it high on the list of motorcycle enthusiasts who desire a robust and effective lubricant for their chains of bikes. With its efficient capacity to be compatible with all kinds of motorcycle chains, ensure lubrication, and strong protection against the splitting into each vehicle part that are water, rust, and friction, it is a comprehensive maintenance system.

It has no stain-resistant property but still is a champion in terms of thermal resistance and stability making its performance maintain a consistent standard in all types of riding ice, where it will also prolong the chain life and improve the riding experience. In conclusion, the Motul Chain Lube is a trustworthy partner one would like to have with him for the journey using the motorcycle chain for countless miles.

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