Kethron® High Geared Lubricant Review

Make the suitable amount of Kethron Cycle & Bicycle Chain Oil coverage for your bike chain to have a great condition. It boasts a highly effective formula that works great by extending your drive’s service life and providing lasting qualities. The next paragraph will explain in details the specs, advantages, disadvantage, and overall verdict of the product to-be-reviewed.


Package InformationVergin HDPE Bottle
Liquid Volume0.1 Litres
Item Weight100 Grams
Recommended UsesWater
Flash Point178 Degrees Celsius
Specific UsesLubricates, cleans, protects, reduces friction, extends chain service life, water resistance, corrosion protection, excellent penetration
Item FormOil
ManufacturerGenuine Product From OmShree Manufacturer
Product Dimensions14 x 7 x 7 cm; 100 g
Item model numberCycle & Bicycle Chain Oil
Manufacturer Part No.Cycle_09
Volume100 Millilitres
Country of OriginIndia


Effective Lubrication: Users generally observe that chain running on such product feels outstanding on their bikes and speed also strikingly increases according to their report, which implies high reliance of their ride on the product.

Longevity: The crucial property of the oil that is treasured by the cyclists is that it lasts for a long time constituting a savings in the cost of consumable products and subsequently the maintenance of bicycles.

Water and Corrosion Resistance: Water and corrosion resistantness grants peace of porting riders, especially those who ride in harsh environments.


Limited Volume: One might feel that 60 ml (50 ml) is inadequate for long term usage and one needs to make several purchases for every wash. Sweat Drizzle Squish is a compact and handheld device that enables users to easily wash their jerseys at convenience.


A ride down to Kethron Cycle & Bicycle Chain Oil is all set to give you reliable lubrication, protection and a high performance upgrade of bikes. The small capacity on the other hand may also be a donation considering that it is an effective process of extending the life span of the chain and the overall cycling performance. It therefore constitutes a worthy financial contribution for a cyclist who is a fanatic in the cycling activities.

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