Castrol POWER1 10W-30 4T Synthetic Engine Oil Review

Selecting the proper engine oil is critical to ensuring that you are able to maintain the exact performance and the seurity of your engine, motorbike, or scooter. From the power transmission point of view, Castrol with its popular moniker, presents its Power 1 10W-30 motorcycle engine oil that is said to assure superior protection and performance. The review will be more thorough, explaining the technical specs, pros, and cons of this gadget. We’ll also give a summation of the product.


Vehicle Service TypeBikes, Scooter
Liquid Volume900 Millilitres
Package InformationBottle
ManufacturerCastrol India Limited
Product Dimensions1 x 0.7 x 2.4 cm; 900 g
Model Number3383334
Manufacturer Part Number3383334
Stain ResistantNo
Assembly RequiredNo
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight900 g


Superior Protection: Castrol Power 1 10W-30 engine oil with highly advanced technologies shield the engine against different problems during operation, hence promoting smoother and more superior engine performance.

Enhanced Performance: The testified technology of the engine oil assuring maximum function of your vehicle, every single aspect of power and high responsiveness to be in maximum quality is the aim of this product.

Wide Compatibility: Likely to be applied not only to the bikes or scooters, this oil takes care of a wider range of two-wheel vehicles, hence a common option for many motorcycle fans.

Home Installation Available: Castrol provides selected home installation service in some cities for some products, freeing up customers’ time and attention.


Limited Liquid Volume: Our unit is a 900-ml bottle and could be a small size for cars that consume oil in a higher rate such as SUVs or for people with a very frequent maintenance routine.


Finally, it is to be said that Castrol Power 1 10W-30 motor oil is a reliable and top quality product for your motorbike and kick-bike. It is well known that helmet has such great necessity with its best protective, nice performance and wide usage. Just for users of two-wheeler, probably this is enough. Even though the limited volume issue might be not a pleasant feature for all the consumers the overall benefits and the (not-less-important) home-installing option make it a considerable investment for long-play and providing the best performance of your two-wheeler. Whether you are a daily commuter or an enthusiast rider, Castrol Power 1 is the one and only lubricant for you grind on the ride.

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