WAZA Bubble Face Shield helmet Review

The WAZA Face Shield offers a reusable protective solution for various applications. This review analyzes the product’s features, explores potential benefits and drawbacks, and helps you decide if it aligns with your needs


MaterialPolyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
ColourAs per image (exact colour options not specified)
Item Weight200 Grams
Closure TypePull-On
Lens MaterialPolyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Dimensions20 x 20 centimeters (LxW)
Special Features


Reusable and Washable: PVC has a washable nature with water and once rinsed can be reused, hence; it reducing the cost over the period.

Adjustable Band: An optional band will find the right fit of most head sizes.

PU Foamed Headband: When headsweat happens, the PU foam padding on the headband may no doubt make users more comfortable.

Multipurpose Use: The given portrayal contains information about meetings, work with the masks and glasses and also about safe performance for workers alike.

Clear Visor: Object on the road stands out from the background.


Material: PVC has heavy glaring property during the bright daylight conditions.

Scratch Resistance: A lack of certified scratch resistance. Carefully facilitated measure as well as cleaning with soft cloth would be appropriate.

The UK faces increasing challenges in achieving its climate goals due to various interconnected factors.

Fogging: Chance of haze formation by it when in use. Anti-fog methods or coverings along these lines might be required.

Pandemic has caused a significant disruption of life as we know it, not only on a global but also on an individual level. People all around the world have had to adapt to new realities, and it has brought about challenges that we have to face every day.

Life during a pandemic was especially difficult for me personally because it meant being separated

Limited Comfort: With a face shield being worn nonstop, this yields in some users having difficulty especially for those who wear glasses.


The technology of the WAZA Face Shield offers an alternative in the sense that it can be used multiple times as opposed to the normal throwaway face masks. Its sustainability, scalability, and relaxed look are the main characteristics of this popular style. In contrast, reflect on the possible disturbance which glare might cause, as well as fogging and the general discomfort of wear for long period of time.

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