Ramex Oil Can Review

This review dives into the specifications, potential advantages, and disadvantages of the Ramex Oil Can, a multipurpose oiler designed for various lubrication tasks.


ColourBlue-With 2 Spouts (Fixed and Flexible)
Capacity237 Milliliters
Hose Length6 Inches
Product Dimensions (Approx.)12W x 10H x 15L Centimeters
Item Weight0.31 Kilograms


Multipurpose Design: Two types of solution (fixed & flexible) choice enables to swirl over different lubrication locations.

Easy to Use: The mechanical aspect with the big volume delivery handles and easy operation is also clearly shown.

Leakproof Construction: Body structure is cited as a mechanism that works exponentially to prevent leaks.

Sturdy Base: The design can widen the base of the wheel further, presumably; stability is improved and the risk of tipping is greatly reduced.

Large Capacity: The 237mL size perfectly fits for multiple appllication of oil and requires no additional refilling till ready to use.


Limited Information on Pump Mechanism: This is the only issue that is not explicitly mentioned in the description: the exact type of pump may vary. g. This might be achieved through saving fuel up to a certain level and the stroke frequency required for engine oil delivery comes to an end.

Potential Corrosion Concerns: As to composition of the material, in spite of the wording of the statement metal is unspecified. This might be critical in case of users who want to keep their properties like rust- or corrosion-resistance.

Nozzle Details Omitted: Listing the details about fittings used with the gun and their external accessibility points is something that is overlooked.


The Ramex Oil Can stands out as an alternative that appears to be a good option for various lubrication tasks including oil spray, lubrication for high pressures, low temperature applications, etc. The our product has all these enviable characteristics including of multiple spouts design, advanced usage features, and leak free construction. Nevertheless, a pumping mechanism is not clearly presented among a full spectrum of features neither compatibility of nozzle is mentioned.

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