Steelbird Street Bike Helmet Review

Incorporating Black Grey with Smoke Visor to its street bike helmet design, Steelbird brings about trendy and safe headgear for street bike riders. In this decisive summary, we’re going to examine the facets, pros, cons and also the possible suitability for the rider looking for a dependable model for the urban trips.


ColourBlack Grey with Smoke Visor
Vehicle Service TypeStreet Bike
Item Weight1100 Grams
MaterialHigh Impact Resistant Thermoplastic shell
Age RangeAdult
ShapeRound Oval
Material TypeHigh Impact Resistant Thermoplastic shell
Outer MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
ManufacturerGLL Industries
Country of OriginIndia


ISI Certified Graphics Helmet: While the helmet complies with ISI standards, it means that the quality is not compromised which riders will remain secure as they ride.

High Impact Resistant Shell: Constructed using a high contraction resilient thermos hard shell, the helmet ensures strongest protection against impacts and collisions, covering the rider’s head. This way the rider feels safe during even the toughest rides.

Breathable Padding and Neck Protector: The helmet which is built with well-vented inner padding, having a neck protector too, is much comfortable during long rides, thus reducing the strain in the rider’s neck.

Italian Design Hygienic Interior: Italian craftsmen, utilising multi-port ventilation, result in air-movement, which soothe and comfort the rider even on a warm weather condition thus riders enjoy smooth riding.

Smoke Visor: In addition to just the appearance, shot visor also adds much more to helmet such as protection against sunlight and glares, improving visibility and eye strain during the day.


Limited Warranty Description: The helmet comes with the use of the helmet without any warranties of the kind which might scare off some buyers since others like assurance of the kind which has clear description for quality and durability terms.

Matte Finish Type: The feature is that a matte finish is trendy both from modern and fashionable point of views. Even though matte finishes adds aesthetic element to the helmets it may also wants more cleansing and maintenance in order to maintain the look.


The Black Grey Street Bike Helmet with Smoke Visor provided by Steelbird offers an irresistible look and feel alongside protection and comfort for street riders. Through the test for compliance with International Standards (ISI), the strong shell made of a highly impact-resistant material, and a breathable, well cushioned padding, riders can enjoy higher levels of safety and comfort on the road.

In spite of some limitations like matte finish that makes its stuffing a must, smoke visor and Italian design of the helmet inside makes it a good helmer for those, who want to have a reliable helmet for their urban journeys.

People who are afficionados of the Street Bikes and desire a searching helmet that serve both the safety and comfort should buy the Steelbird Street Bike Helmet. This helmet matches the needed conditions perfectly ensuring a safe and happen-with-combo-of-pleasure experience behind the streets.

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