Vega Crux Helmet Review

The Vega Crux Helmet is, not only, a decision-making piece of the safety equipment for riders of all kinds of two-wheeled vehicles but also an aesthetically appealing piece of this category. Combining the best of materials quality and comfort designed for protection and style, this helmet models the spirit of the security while also providing ease and comfort. With this review, we will analyze in details its specifications, features, benefits, disadvantages and sing about whether this scooter perfects for the riders.


Vehicle Service TypeAll Two Wheeler Vehicles
Item Weight0.95 Grams
CertificationISI Certified (IS 4151:2015)
Shell TypeABS Material Shell
Closure TypeDouble Ring
ShapeRound Oval, Intermediate Oval
Inner MaterialFoam
Outer MaterialPlastic
Product Dimensions12 x 10 x 12 cm; 0.95 g
Manufacturer Part NumberNDVega_3


High-Impact Protection: The helmet’s ABS shell material give the rider the advantage of unnecessary risks while either falling or in the case of an accident.

ISI Certification: INCERT SIS wooden crats (IS 4125:2015) known for their stringent safety regulations, the Vega Crux Helmet comes with a guarantee that the product has exceeded safety standards.

Comfortable Fit: Along with the way back with a round oval and intermediate oval shape, the cushion with a double ring closure type will provide comfort and secure fit for all types and sizes of riders.

Convenient Features: The ergonomically designed pull-tab buckle and the releasable/washable lining with optional pads provide simplicity and convenience during the usage and maintenance of the product, thereby elevate the utilization satisfaction.


Limited Stain Resistance: The helmet may not resist to stains completely, so special attention to its maintenance is required to keep the helmet looking like new.


The Vega Crux Helmet is a reliable one that can be used by riders of all lightweight vehicles like bikes and motorcycle. The shell structured out of ABS material with ISI certification, and the fitting ensures you the comfort. The safety and ease of substitution are emphasised by that. Therefore, you have one of the most favorite choices of the riders.

Even though it is features like those the helmet still delivers an excellent performance that helps it to compete with other models and suits the tastes of those riders who value both style and safety. Whether it be a city commute, a smooth cruise, or fire-breathing trails, the Vega Crux Helmet caters to the diverse needs conditioned in riders of all levels, offering safety, ease, and comfort.

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