Studds Ray Super Open Face Helmet Review

The Studds Ray Super helmet presents itself as an affordable option for riders prioritizing a lightweight helmet with basic functionalities. This review delves into the Ray Super’s specifications, explores its potential benefits and drawbacks, and helps you decide if it aligns with your riding needs.


Shell MaterialPlastic (Note: Specific plastic type not mentioned)
Safety CertificationInformation not available
VisorInformation not available
PaddingHypoallergenic Liner
ClosureQuick Release Chin Strap
Special FeatureVentilation
WeightApproximately 850 Grams (lightweight)
ColorPetrol Blue


Lightweight Design: Having the six-ounce Ray Super means that the neck strain, typical in long hauls, may not be an issue after all.

Ventilation System: Presence of ventilation system as a positive aspect possibly will bring about circulation of air that would in turn assist in removing sweat droplets and humidity feeling and particularly under hot weather.

Quick Release Chin Strap: The chinstrap in quick-release is made for convenience. It can be easily adjusted as per requirements.

Hypoallergenic Liner: The hypoallergenic lining of the helmet is a plus for riders with such conditions as skin allergies.

UV Resistant Paint: The paint is a UV-resistant type, which thus allows it to be maintained without the color becoming faded for longer.


Missing Safety Certification Information: It is critical that a safety certification is met. Try to get hold of retailer information that should contain logos like ISI or DOT indicating that the item meets relevant safety standards.

Limited Visor Details: It is unclear whether the visor is built from optically clear materials or whether it focuses on scratch resistance or UV protection property, making it hard to gauge the benefits in terms of eye protection.

Plastic Shell Material: As ABS is not specifically talked about, some of the riders might wish for helmets, which are made from ABS, for the fact that they allow for higher impact resistance.


The Studds Ray Super becomes an option of KBC lotteries cost-effective riders in search for a rather lightweight and well-ventilated helmet. Besides a quick releasing straps, hypoallergenic liner and UV rays repellent painting also part of its features. Consequently, the missing factors that need to be included in the safety certification and visor details are major aspects to consider before buying any helmet.

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