VEGA Bolt Superhero Motorcycle Helmet Review

From safety to style, VEGA Bolt has it all. This helmet is without doubt the most stylish one, providing you the protection you need, without compromising on the comfort level. Here in this review we will take a closer look at the helmet and go through some explanations of it’s specifications, pros and cons. I hope it helps you to make up your mind in case you consider purchasing this product!


ColourDull Black Grey
Vehicle Service TypeMotorcycle
Item Weight1350 Grams
MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Size OptionsXS: 53-54 cm, S: 55-56 cm, M: 57-58 cm, L: 59-60 cm
CertificationDOT & ISI Certified with IS no.: IS 4151:2015 and CM/L no.: 1650145
Buckle TypeMetallic Quick Release Silent Buckle
LiningRemovable, washable, and odor-resistant lining
VisorScratch-resistant and UV-resistant optical polycarbonate with easy visor mechanism
ManufacturerVega, Plot No. 12-B, Sy. No. 342(Old 690), BEMCIEL Industrial Estate, Udyambag, Belgaum-590 008 Karnataka, INDIA


Certified Safety: The VEGA Bolt Superhero Helmet is not just thinly comforting; rather, it features both DOT and ISI certifications, which means that it gets to meet the stringent safety standards. Thanks to its certification, romechatrans can be certain of the best quality and reliability.

Comfortable Fit: Coming in different sizes, this helmet meets the diverse headsizes of riders and has fastened and comfortable fit frame. The inner vestibule can be removed and washed conveniently after use. The liner’s deodorizing feature ensures a fresh and pleasant smell in the helmet, avoiding an unpleasant odor even after long periods.

Convenient Buckle: The helmet has a metallic quick-release quiet hinge that lets it close and open easily and comfortably and incredibly. Rider gets comfortability of quickly strap on and off the helmet for a better riding experience. Discuss the impact of digital marketing on traditional marketing strategies in the music industry.

Scratch and UV Resistance: The visor manufactured from the optical polycarbonate is perfect for the sun glare and yellow as it is scratch-resistant and blocks UV rays helping you to see clearly and giving you protection against the UV sun rays. The sliding visor can be quickly above during landings or diving.

Stylish Design: This Dull Black Grey = colour scheme is a genuine indicator of the Classy and Trendy look which attracts riders craving both style and safety.


Limited Color Options: However, even though Dull Black Gray is chosen by many riders, there might be riders who prefer to have more color options and even these could be made to suit their personal riskier or motorbike aesthetics.

Weight: A 1.35 kg helmet can seem rather uncomfortable for some riders, particularly those riders who put more importance on the weight of the helmet to help get rid of pain in the head and other body parts after riding a long ride.

Visor Mechanism: While the contraptions designed to be easy to use could be advantageous in some aspects, the durability of this type of contraption has potential of developing issues with longevity over time, demanding for users to treat these materials with certain care and attention.


The VEGA Bolt Superhero Motorcycle Helmet has a combination of safety, convenience, and style leaving it the best option for riders who are looking for a helmet which can be relied upon in offering head security. Its certifications, DOT and ISI, on the other hand, build consumer confidence in the product which comes as a standard safety mark. At the same time, it is designed to fit the rider comfortably and offer unique features for a pleasant ride.

In conclusion, although there is hot solid colors to choose from, buyers may think about the helmet weight and durability of the visor mechanism when making up their minds. To summarize, if you are hunting for a helm which will ensure safety, comfort and it is stylish, then VEGA Bolt Superhero Motorcycle Helmet comes up to be your choice for all riding.

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