Vista Chain Lube 110ml Oil Review

For serious performance, bike riders can benefit from the RESIL VISTA Metal Chain Lube through maintaining and improving chain performance. Boasting a removable adhesive-based lubricant and engineered to enhance drive chain efficiency, it is meant to lengthen the operational lifespan of the bike chain and smooth the functioning. In this analysis we’ll uncover its description, functionality, pros, cons and finally will deliver our verdict whether it is better than other chain lubricants.


Liquid Volume0.12 Litres
Recommended UsesChain lube, bike chain lube
Specific UsesSmooths
Item FormSpray
ManufacturerResil Chemicals Pvt Ltd
Package Dimensions13.2 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm; 110 g
Manufacturer Part No.VIS_CAR_29
Volume110 Millilitres
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight110 g


Adhesive-Based Formula: The special attention has been paid to adhesive-based lubricant that ensures not only the best functioning but also efficiency within the chain surfaces as it reduces friction.

Anti-Spatter Properties
: This chain lube has anti-spatter properties. By using it you do not mess the application part so that you can keep surrounding area cleanly.

Quick Dry Formula: The quick-dry feature is a big plus to the functionality because the absorbency into chain links happens fast and it makes application to take little time on the chain links and therefore reducing downtime.

High Penetration: Formulate to get high penetration that in turn ensures that the lubrication goes between the links of the chain. This also helps to guard against materials of the chain that are worn out.

Enhanced Drive Efficiency: This increases efficiency because the lube helps provide for more manageable transmission along the chain, and finally, the bike performs better.


Limited Liquid Volume: The 0.12 litres volume might be too less for what is needed substantially to sustain regular or multiple-time use, thus the need to refill the bottle frequently for regular maintenance.

Spray Application Only: This tends to make herding the spray application efficient and thus there is a likelihood of having instances of wastage or uneven distribution if application is not carried out carefully.


Not just for bike chain maintenance, but also as a powerful tool for adhesion of the lube, RESIL VISTA Metal Chain Lube, having an anti-spatter formula and quick-drying properties proves to be quite efficient to use on any bike. Despite the low liquid volume and cargo’s capability to use only a spray, the ability to save money on drive performance and increase its chain life makes it a possible option for the bike riders looking for the chains that last long.

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