Steelbird Glossy Black Motorcycle Helmet Review 

In motorcycle safety gear, a protective helmet is the pinner of everything. The Steel bird Glossy Black Motorcycle Helmet implements a stylish look with the technical abilities of the helmet offering a high-level impact resistance and comfort properties. We shall take a deeper look into its details, advantages, disadvantages, and final evaluation. 


Specification Details 
Color Glossy Black 
Brand Steel bird 
Vehicle Service Type Motorcycle 
Item Weight 0.9 Kilograms 
Material High Impact Resistant Thermoplastic shell 
Age Range Adult 
Included Components Helmet 
Shape Oval 
Sport Motorcycling 
Manufacturer GLL Industries 
Country of Origin India 


High Impact Resistance: Consisting of a thermoplastic elastic shell, this helmet can provide the rider with solid protection against crashes so that it can have safe and enjoyable rides. 

Comfortable Padding: Products have been provided with an air cushion and a neck protector that provides extra comfort, more than that of the previous versions, thus limiting fatigue and discomfort that comes with long rides. 
Quick Release Buckle: Micro-metric buckle having an EU standard compliant, enables to attach and unhook it effortlessly in strength and time washed way which is convenient and secure. 

Night Reflective Design: These helmets provide riders with night reflective elements in the full face design, thereby distinguishes them better from their background and promotes rider safety during low light conditions. 
Anti-Scratch Visor: The visor has Anti scratch coating so repaint could be skipped and the visibility is clear one can expect it to last long. Adding yet another property of convenience to the device is the aforementioned easy-release mechanism. 


Limited Color Options: As Glossy Black itself is one of the most familiar choices, but on the other hand, it might be just as important to diversify the range of colors to consider motorcyclists’ wish list or bike design. 
Size Availability: The helmet is participle worth noting that although it is probably in a size M, riders with smaller and larger head than M might find it slightly uncomfortable or too big. 
Brand Recognition: General awareness degree of Steel bird, though being well-known, may not always place it ahead of the others among some of the competitors in some particular regions, at least in customers’ minds. 


The Steel bird Glossy Black motorcycle helmet stands out with regards to the application of style, security and comfort. Such a design comes along with high impact resistance that is, in addition to breathable padding and a quick-release buckle, among its strongest features which is of great advantage to motorcycling aficionados, especially during long runs. The additional elements like the night reflective elements and the anti-scratch visors not only makes it more expensive but also better and more of it.

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