Multipurpose Oil Lubricant for Bicycle Chain & Home Appliances Review

The INTENZO OILS Plastic Oil Bottle positions itself as a handy solution for storing and applying lubricant for various purposes. This review delves into the specifications, potential benefits, and drawbacks to help you decide if it aligns with your lubrication needs.


Liquid Volume‎0.1 Litres
Recommended Uses For Product‎wheels, oil, machine, metal, chain oil, lubricant
Specific Uses For Product‎Oiling
Item Form‎Oil
Manufacturer‎Sb Traders
Country of Origin‎India


Portable Size: The 0. Having a liter capacity makes it a perfect fit when scaled down in size for easy storage and transporting lubricants too.

Multipurpose Use: The inscription does make it look like the oil would be used for lubricating wheels, machines, metal parts and chains.

Potentially Affordable: Plastic bottles comes out to be cheaper in cost as compared to metal oilcans.


Limited Information on Durability: The description underlines that the goods are “durable and longlasting,” though there is no information about the exact plastic and its capacity to resist the erosion caused from the usage of such products.

Unsuitable for Heavy-Duty Applications: Plastic bottles may not be able to withstand demanding tasks in extreme environments where it has to endure difficult conditions like for the purpose of maintaining its sturdiness.

Potential Environmental Concerns: The camp will take environmental concerns into account should they waste plastic containers.


The portable and maybe exotic Plastic Oil Bottle from INTENZO is an option that provides lubrication for different household or workshop items of various kinds. On the other hand, the fact that mouldable plastics are known to be durable along with a limitation of its suitability for heavy-duty tasks are factors that should be considered. In addition, at the same time don’t forget to dispose of plastic properly for reducing environmental impact.

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