Vega Ridge Open Face Helmet Review

The VEGA RDG-K helmet positions itself as an affordable option for riders seeking a basic yet ISI-certified helmet. This review delves into the RDG-K’s specifications, explores its potential advantages and disadvantages, and helps you decide if it aligns with your motorcycle helmet needs.


WeightApproximately 950 Grams (Note: Information mentions 800±50gms elsewhere)
MaterialExpanded Polystyrene (EPS), Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), Plastic
Shell TypeABS Material Shell
CertificationISI Certified (Indian Safety Standard)
Finish TypeGlossy
VisorScratch Resistant & UV Resistant, Optical Polycarbonate, Quick Release Mechanism
Ventilation2 Back Exhaust Vents
ClosureMetallic Quick Release Silent Buckle
SizeMedium (Other sizes might be available depending on retailer)
Assembly RequiredNo
ManufacturerVega Auto Accessories Pvt Ltd


ISI Certification: The ISI mark is a guarantee that the product follows the Indian government’s safety standards for the impact resistance and the shell integrity.

Scratch Resistant & UV Resistant Visor: The Vizor have a scratch resistant coating that helps maintain your visibility and the UV blocking features will protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

Quick Release Visor Mechanism: The detachable visor is this scooter’s unique feature. It enables riders to easily and quickly switch out the visors, making things ultraconvenient.

Metallic Quick Release Buckle: The metallic buckle provides a snap-on-and-see-off closure system with the addition of a quick-release function.

Lightweight (Relatively): It is not the lightest helmet, however it is in the recommended range which might mean less strain on the neck so that the ride is not to demanding.

Glossy Finish: A premium paint job with a glossy coat boosts the appearance of your helmet and gives a look of style for your overall aesthetic.


Limited Information on Inner Liner: The description does not include information stating whether it is a machine washable fabric, if it is breathable, or if you can remove the inner liner to wash it.

Potential Ventilation Limitations: The car is not designed with four exhaust vents at the back, hence, airflow may be limited and this will be a big issue in the hot weather conditions. You can see the actual story as you read user review about ventilation experiences.

Uncertain Visor Clarity: The module fails to indicate whether the visor is scratch resistant, but information on its level of optical clarity or whether it may cause distortion is missing.

Unknown Availability of Larger or Smaller Sizes: It is only when one reads this that the size of the dog is affirmed to be a medium size. Verify the retail info to determine if sizes other than the available ones are also provided for good fitting.


VEGA RDG-K helmet presents an entry-level option for riders who are more interested in basic quality at a price way below the ISI standard helmet price. The clean visor mechanism opens quickly, the sturdy metal buckle holds it in place, and the high-gloss finish grants it a stylish look. Though these might look great on a person but the lack of information of inner liner, ventilation concerns are vital issues to figure out and unclear visor quality may affect the performance.

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