Generic 20W-40 2 Wheeler Engine Oil Review

The decision of proper engine oil is essential for correctivity and the better life of two-wheeler. The engine oil doubtlessly plays an important role in this regard. The 20W-40 Generic Engine oil, having the unique properties and formulation, is targeted to work as the best lubricating material and also protector for your electric bike engine. This article will focus on its specifications, advantages, weaknesses and how it can be applied to different two – wheeler vehicle types.


Viscosity20 W – 40
Vehicle Service Type2 wheeler
Liquid Volume900 Millilitres
Package InformationBottle
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight850 g


CSP Technology: The entire process is controlled by Clutch Slippage Prevention (CSP) which is a pertinent technology for wet clutch operation that culminates to the improvement of pick-up and outstanding riding pleasure.

Suitable for Various Compliant Vehicles: The kit is compatible with all bikes whose fuel emission norms are BS II, BS III, BS IV and BS VI. This kit is designed to give comfort and convenience to the users.

Enhanced Mileage and Engine Life: This high- grade engine oil is designed to optimize mileage and minimizing oil consumption, thus becoming a shot in the arm for longer engine life and minimize costly maintenance requirements in future.

High Engine Durability: The oil formulation is above average in qualities, and it provides longer-lasting engine protection with added fuel economy and reliability factors, making it a long-lived engine ingredient.

Effective Deposit Control: This oil’s ability with machine rid of deposits in the machine provides for high engine cleanliness, but it also offers the best possible protection to the gears against wear and tear.


Limited Information on Rewards: While the creative focusses on providing an exeling reward coupon inside, the offer is not clearly specified as to the rewards and the redemption process which may yield doubt and ambiguity to consumers.

Packaging Size: The possibility of customers buying multiple bottles of 900ml engine oil because 900ml is not sufficient to meet the demands of regular maintenance might result in them making frequent purchases.


Owing to CSP technology and compatibility with a wide range of bike models, the Generic 20W-40 2 Wheeler Engine Oil that also has the properties of an excellent lubricating oil is the outstanding choice for motorcyclists. This asset is very important because it can improve acceleration, improve fuel economy, and provide engine longevity, making it a perfect solution for the rider who wants a top class bike with excellent performance.

Although with discussed product you can get excellent control of engine deposits and foremost gear protection, it is essential for customers to perceive the conditions of packaging size and the content of information on prizes prior to making the final purchase decision.

To round up, the General Purpose 20W-40 Engine Oil HPCL produces is undoubtedly a good alternative for two-wheeler users to keep the prime functionality of their bikes and the safety, witnessed as coming from a reliable source of manufacturers.

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