Servo MGO 20W-40 Engine Oil for Maruti Vehicles (3 L) Review

This review dives into the details of Servo 20W-40 engine oil, a product specifically designed for car engines. It explores the specifications, potential advantages, and disadvantages to help you decide if it’s suitable for your car’s lubrication needs.


ManufacturerIOCL (Indian Oil Corporation Limited)
Vehicle Service TypeCar
Viscosity Grade20W-40
Liquid Volume3 Liters
Package InformationJug


Suitable for Maruti Vehicles: The description states that all Maruti models are supported among which, are 800, Esteem, Omni,Gypsy, old Altos, Wagon Rs, Swifts, and slightly Ritzs.

Meets SAE Standards: The SAE specification of SAE 20W-40 implies that this grade of oil is suitable as a 2-grade oil for an engine. This outcome gives good circulation at cold start (20W) and proper viscosity for wear protection at operation temperatures (40w weight).

Potential Performance Benefits: The text points out the improvements like the oxidation stability, the scattering effect ability, the high temperatures tolerance and anti-friction power capacity. These features potentially increase efficiency of the engine working and safety of engine component.


Limited Information on Specific Additives: Such information is missing the specification of any high quality additives that could otherwise be introduced.

Potential for Counterfeits: It’s easy to fall victim to fakes, especially when buying online, so try not to. Ensure that you obtain goods from well-regarded vendors and have a check available to verify genuinity.


The Servo 20W-40 Engine Oil offered grants one possible solution for choosing an oil for the car engine among Maruti models that is coherent with its specifications. Its compatibility to the SAE and the expected gains in performance are certain to make it popular among environmentally conscious consumers. Amongst these factors, the absence of the name of chemicals and the possibility of doing faking are other matters which need to be considered too. Checking the car manual and a competent mechanic’s help can also never be avoided as it is the best move to make sure you choose the best oil for your car.

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